Are you someone on the final edge of accomplishing your move from Rourkela to Surat? Moving with family, following a job change? Well, then you must be dealing with a lot of stuff altogether – with both professional needs and personal concerns! After all, apart from your work, there is an immense responsibility on your shoulders that you have to address – the relocation responsibility! And there is a significant load of things left to be packed and moved, and you are running out of time to check into every small and big detail, about this major, life-changing assignment. We can very well understand your present situation and everything you are going through so we advise you to book the professional packers and movers in Rourkela and also, have a look at this fantastic checklist of 10 ideas we have mentioned below to enjoy a memorable home shifting experience.

• Design a fantastic checklist – To begin with your moving plan, you need to have a comprehensive list of tasks that you need to address immediately. Since you are short on time, try to deal with things rather speedily, so you can manage other lined up tasks as well – collect all bank documents, apply for an address change, inform your company and colleagues you work with along with notifying the service providers.

• Evaluate your belongings – The fact is, even before we hire the professional movers, there is a large chunk of tasks that we have to address ourselves, without any expert aid. Your household comprises of innumerable stuff – from furniture and fixture to collectibles, artworks, cutlery and crockery, clothing, bedding, appliances, and what not – and all of these items need to be looked through carefully before we finally come up with a list of items that genuinely needs to be packed and moved. This phase is solely for de-cluttering so make sure you do that wholeheartedly so you can move with a lesser load and also save substantial money on your move.

• Prepare the basics – You simply cannot leave your place without addressing some of the major tasks – if you have children, you need to collect their transfer certificate and educational documents, and also have to take care of other essential documents – including your employment papers, birth and marriage certificates, license, identity proofs, medical documents, passport, etc. Have copies of everything also saved on google drive or the cloud because that would be accessible easily. This folder should be kept securely in a proper place in your side bag so you can reach out to that during transit.

• Walkthrough the house – Ideally, you should be doing this twice – first, when you have pulled out everything to be packed, and secondly, when your packing task gets over, and there is a need for a final walkthrough in your entire house to figure out if something is left to be packed. So, before you lock up the doors and windows and hand over your keys to the landowner, check every corner, even the basement, and your storeroom to see if everything is being packed for the move.

• Book professional packers – Once you have taken into consideration all the immediate tasks and have accomplished most of them, you must reach out to search for the professional movers, for your shifting assignment. You cannot further delay this because their availability also remains a big concern all the time. So, collect and compare as many quotations as possible, review the terms and conditions and sign up for a deal that meets your criterion appropriately.

• Inspect ongoing things – When the professionals have been appointed, they will reach your residence as per the specified date and time. They are proficient in their task so you won’t be required to intervene in the process. All you should do is notify them of your concerns and needs, and they will take care of the rest. You simply inspect the process and assist them wherever and whenever you think it is required.

• Organize a farewell party – Leaving behind a place where you have spent many years is one of the harshest and hardest of feelings we ever come face to face with. Nobody loves that, even though you are finally heading towards your new, dream home you always wanted to have for yourself. So, bid a heart-warming goodbye to your dear ones and colleagues by organizing a goodbye party and create fond memories.

• Know the major points – Emergencies never knock doors before hitting us. So, make sure the first thing you do right after you have moved in is to figure out where everything is located – all the major junctions – the power points, mains, and valves of power and water, so you can easily reach out to them whenever you have to turn off the power or check into the meter reading of water pump or even electricity.

• Plan out your space – Now when you have finally moved into your new home, after fulfilling a long, tiring journey, you won’t feel like getting back to the unpacking and organization task. Rightly so! All you must be doing now is decide how you would re-arrange your belongings in this new space when you will be doing it. Reach out to the floor plan you designed, and just think through the process!

• Meet and greet neighbors – To feel at home in your new home, in the new city, you need to open up and explore. Research about the new neighborhood and interesting spots. Explore the people and things around you, the culture you are getting to witness there, and anything fresh and new that grabs your attention. So, go out, talk to people, network well, join societies and clubs, embrace a new lifestyle and have fun.


Planning for a move in hurry is challenging but there are things and ways that can help us! If you are someone relocating from Rourkela to Surat following a job change, make sure you hire the professional movers and packers in Rourkela and also consider the above-mentioned 10 relocation hacks so you enjoy a convenient and memorable home shifting journey!