As per research and studies, the majority of relocations are carried out during the peak summer season. Wonder why? Well, there are several reasons for that. People find it ideal essentially because of the easy availability of professional movers like the moving specialists from Agarwal Packers, or any other trusted moving company in your area that can help you transition to your new home smoothly and, secondly because people are usually in their full sulk because summers in a way are the peak season for major, life-changing assignments and one such is home shifting. And whether you agree to it or not, you will have to accept that you do need professional movers’ support because packing, lifting, loading, and shifting in the terrible hot temperatures are not child’s play.

Moreover, it is not just about summertime moves but relocations in general, that comprehends that you should never take your house moving project lightly, no matter which time of the year you move. Book professionals early on so you can rely on them to lift off your packing and moving stress out of your home-shifting assignment!

• Stock up the essentials in advance – Your move is scheduled in the sweltering months of June – July, meaning you will experience uneasiness and hassle at every stage of your move. This is a fact. So, make sure you do not miss out to keep the fundamental items with you in your essentials kit – bottles of water and drinks, tissue papers, towel, cap, scarves, sunglasses, umbrella, etc.

• Avoid hurrying, assess quotations – By and large, coming across a relevant moving plan remains a challenge when you are moving in the summers. The reason being most of the movers are already booked and at times, they do not fit your proposed moving budget. So, you should start your deal hunt early on and compare as many moving quotations as possible to finalize a budget-friendly plan.

• Have a clear relocation plan ready – Most of the time, summertime moves call for the unwanted hassle. These are the struggles that you come across when you are nearly halfway through your move. So, you should have a plan for your move before you proceed with it – decide the time of your move, try to begin early on a moving day, keep the summer essentials close to you, and do not forget to keep some medicines for common summer ailments like headache, fever, stomach pain, etc. in your bag.

• Prepare moving finances sensibly – You must be aware that moves conducted during the summers are usually higher on the budget. The movers charge more and there are countless pre-moving and post-moving expenses that you have to cater to throughout the moving journey. So, have a practical moving budget with all your to-be-paid costs, and make sure to keep some amount of funds aside in case there is some emergency.

• Safeguard yourself from the heat – Shielding yourself from extreme heat is essential when you are outdoors, on your moving journey. If you have children, keep them away from direct sunlight and ask them to cover their heads and faces from the strong rays of the sun because sunstrokes, allergies, colds, or exhaustion can take a toll on their health. Protect yourself too and use sun shades to prevent direct heat to reach out to you, if you are moving by car.

• Decide outfits for the moving day – The summers are all about being comfortable and wearing breathable clothing. So, decide what you and your family would be wearing on the final day of your move so that the heat outside is managed well. Also, you will see yourself indulging in some lifting and moving of the cartons when the experts from Agarwal Packers and Movers are settling your packages within the moving truck, so it is better if you wear easy clothes and comforting shoes.

• Protect your high-value possessions – You might not realize but the way your goods are packed for the move determines how good or bad your move would be and in which condition you will see your belongings post-shipment. If you are moving electronics, delicate plants, fragile crockery, and décor items with you, make sure they are packed well with multiple coats of packing paper topped over bubble wraps and secured with packaging tape.

• Rent a portable moving container – When you are shifting during extreme temperatures, your only concern would be to manage a safe and secure transfer of all your belongings from your present place of stay to your new home. As discussed in the previous tip, you would also have a generous amount of sensitive, expensive items that can be affected in extreme temperatures if not pack and moved securely. For that, opting for enclosed cubes or portable containers remains a great option as it regulates the temperature within to provide an ideal ambiance to your goods – especially the electronics and fragile goods.

• Ensure the new home is summer-ready – Landing up in a place that is out of power and other essential services would be one of the last things you would wish. Nobody wants to move into a dark space especially when the event is a happy one. So, get the utilities transferred to your new home timely. It would be great if you could come over a few times to inspect the place and see if it is ready for a move-in.

• Save money in the pre-moving phase – If you do not want to strain your pocket at any point, you need to keep close track of what you are spending before the move. Most of the time, we do not realize the degree of the deficit we create to our budget until the situation goes beyond our control. Since summer moves are always on the higher side of the expenses, it is to curb random expenses wherever possible.

If you are shifting to your newly purchased home in the new city this summer and are packing up your stuff and keeping a check on the pre-moving responsibilities and tasks in full swing, you must look over the summer moving tips discussed in this blog post for sure and hire the experts from Agarwal Movers and Packers on time!