For someone planning to relocate to a new city, there remains endless chaos of tension and struggle. The reason being, there is not just one thing calling for your attention but thousands of things that you have to look after – from planning to cataloguing to packing and what not! Therefore, it becomes paramount to hire professionals from Agarwal Packers or any other moving company of your choice, so that you get to deal with this stressful situation effortlessly, in no time.

If the circumstance we mentioned above sounds familiar to you, then beware that the situation can even take a U-turn and call for more struggle. You might be dealing with a time crunch already, or you could be someone who has countless goods to be packed and moved – in such a case, you would certainly need some strong and effective tips that can let you pack quickly in no less than 2 days.

Let’s begin:

  1. Give time to every room/space – Lack of time is one of the most negating feelings and when it is combined with endless packing tasks, you can land up in a big issue. So, when you have limited time in hand but countless chores to accomplish, we would advise you to start from any of your rooms. Devise a plan as to which rooms you want to start the task with and how you would want to do it.
  2. Inform the moving experts now – You can keep doing your room-by-room packing, but do not forget to call the moving experts. Do not be nervous because deal-hunting should be done carefully. So, give it time. You cannot simply trust any random moving company you come across; you have to research and review before you book a deal. Do not forget to read the terms and conditions because a hurried relocation always remains a risky affair.
  3. Formulate a detailed packing list – When it comes to moves, some endless planners and checklists come into the picture. But you cannot afford to get into all of those confusing elements because you do not have time. So, create a master checklist that covers all your packing and moving priorities, tasks, and ideas that you want to consider. Review it once again to come, cut out the crap and come up with a better version of the same.
  4. Shop for quality packing supplies – This is what you have to take care of immensely. You cannot take this casually because this is what will ultimately decide how safe and secure your relocation turns out to be. So, go out or get high-quality packing supplies delivered to your address right away. You can even ask someone from your family to get those sourced so that you can keep working on other pre-moving emergencies.
  5. Sort and pack items concurrently – Amidst all the packing hassle and moving day stress, it is quite possible to lose track of the urgent things. One such task is de-cluttering. Hurried moves, therefore, have this major drawback as it does not allows you ample time so you can look over and evaluate your stuff efficiently and move with the needful ones. So, you have to sort it out when you are packing. Just remove anything that seems useless from the lot and pack the rest.
  6. Do not compromise with packing – If the professional movers you booked – the experts from Agarwal Packers and Movers – managed to provide you with a suitable date for their packing task, congratulations. This is something that rarely happens because last-minute moves often do not provide you with that window when you can pick up a suitable deal, but now that you have booked one for your moving needs, just make sure the packing quality is first-rate and the safety of your goods remains uncompromised.
  7. Secure every moving box/carton – Before your goods get loaded within the moving vehicle, make sure packing is done well. Use quality materials and utilize a surplus of fabric sheets, bubble wraps, moving blankets, etc. in your packing process because you cannot compensate with the wellbeing of your possessions at any cost, even if you had less time to pack and move. Double-check everything and make sure the cartons are stuffed well and there is no extra space left as it will cause the items to shift within and damaging the immediate items. Use double-duty tapes to secure everything in place.
  8. Essentials must be kept handier – Do not forget to pack the essentials bag. Choose an oversize box or carrier to keep hold of your immediate items – the toiletries, bedding for the journey, extra pair of clothes, medicines, food supplies, etc. in one place. Keep this bag handy so you can reach out to your necessities whenever there is a need. Along with that, do keep a document folder with you so that your paperwork and ID proofs are also safe and within your quick access.
  9. Keep moving inventory prepared – Since you only prepared a mega checklist and no specific agenda or spread sheet for the packing and moving individually, you must not avoid preparing a final list of your moving inventory so that you know which of your items are packed for the move. Prepare this list carefully; include everything that you have packed up in those moving cartons, so you can assess if all your goods reached you intact.
  10. Label moving cartons effectively – This could be the last point in this checklist but it is certainly one of the most important things to take note of. Every moving carton should be appropriately labeled and the sensitive items’ boxes should be specifically labeled and marked with an ‘X’ so that there is no risk of damage to those high-value items. Since you are running out of time, just use a permanent marker to write the key details – the room or the type of item the box contains.

We know life often throws us into a situation from where coming out remains a struggle in itself. But if you incorporate the tips shared above in your packing protocol, and hire a team of experts from Agarwal Movers and Packers, nothing can stop you from enjoying a successful home-shifting journey!