used furniture in Dubai

any UAEs have spent the last few months at home, venturing out for only the bare essentials. So, for some, this has meant taking time to assess their home environment, declutter, and even embark on remodeling projects. With an uncertain future that could potentially affect incomes. So, it may not be possible to buy new furniture for remodeling plans. Not to worry! There are great opportunities to recycle used furniture in Dubai and other household items to get exactly what you need!

See what you already have on hand, or browse the selection of used furniture in Dubai and household items on display in our showroom – cabinets, benches, bookshelves, mirrors, etc. Hence, To find the perfect piece (or pieces) to transform into treasures. Shop with an idea in mind, or just let the selection spark your creativity.

Recycling used furniture in Dubai and other decorative household items can save you money and is a great way to tap into your creativity. Whether you’re an experienced DIYer or a beginner, there’s a project for you. Whatever you choose to recycle, here are 10 ways to decorate your home with recycled items.

1. Need extra storage space in your kitchen or always wanted a kitchen island?

An old or unused dresser can easily be used to store kitchen utensils and tools that you can’t find space for elsewhere. A dresser can also be turned into a kitchen island for prep and storage.

2. A narrow shelf can be a great addition to an office or kitchen.

Refurbish an old ladder, or keep it rustic, add brackets to secure it to the wall and you have a usable (and possibly conversation piece) for storing spices, pen holders, bottles, etc. So, Add a cloth or screen to secure items.

3. Create a new place to study or work.

Telecommuting and distance learning have highlighted the need for good home office space furniture. Attach a plank to a small three-drawer chest of drawers, decorated it with moldings and you’ve got a desk!

4. Transform old wine glasses into candle holders.

Turn the wine glasses upside down, and attach a cork washer to the rim. Hence, Place candles in what used to be the bottom of the stem and you have new candle holders. Because, You can personalize them by placing a collection of seashells and some sand, polished, colored stones, or marbles inside the spherical section.

5. Make a coffee table from an old door.

Sand it down, paint it, varnish it, or leave it as is, mount it on a pedestal or legs, and you’ve got a new coffee table.

6. Repurpose a cot as a shelf.

Remove one of the side rails, and insert it inside the cot to form a shelf. So, place a piece of glass or butcher block on top of the structure. Put out your favorite accessories!

7. Design a headboard out of cupboard doors.

Once you’ve made the cosmetic changes you want to make to the doors. Such as painting, or cutting a piece of wood to the same size as the width of the bed. So, Fasten the cabinets to wood, then mount the assembly over your bed to complete its rustic display.

8. Give new life to an old bookcase as a doll’s chest.

Remove the bottom two shelves and replace them with rods for hanging clothes, painting, or refinishing, and you’ve created a place to store baby clothes and accessories.

9. Build a garden shed out of old doors.

Join four doors together, and add a simple roof and some planks for a base. So, you’ve got a great place to store garden tools.

10. Transform an old vanity light fixture into a stylish candle holder.

Use an old pole light fixture, usually seen in bathrooms or around dressing tables, remove the fixtures, spray paint it, add votive candles and you have your new candle holder.

These are just a few ideas. Check out these other resources for new ideas. So, We’re always getting new stock, so visit our warehouse often. So, If you can’t find a use for your used furniture in Dubai household items, donate them for someone else to use. Hence, your donations are tax-deductible and 100 percent of the profits are given to local charities to make our community a better place. Therefore, Mr. Second Hand is the best option for you for used furniture buyers in Dubai.