If you’re shifting homes, we know you won’t mind getting a few useful moving tips and ideas ahead of your journey! You could be shifting from Guwahati to Gwalior in a few weeks and thinking of the best moving ideas to make it successful. Well, in that case, call the packers and movers in Guwahati as early as possible and take a break to read the ultimate moving tips we have compiled below!

• Transfer essential utilities today

Certain things should be addressed on time when you are shifting homes. One such thing is utility services. So, do that immediately if you are stepping out for the final time in a couple of weeks now. The authorities will disconnect the services on the last day but you should talk with them as early as you can because the entire process would take its own time.

• Research about the new place

You are settling down in Gwalior owing to the important business project and also for the corporate branch you settled in the city last year. That’s great but have you researched well about the city. Have you figured out your sources of comfort and ease at the place? And most importantly, about the landmarks and key points – like airports, terminals, joints, interesting places, amusement parks, shopping malls, etc.

• Plan out the post-move priorities

The reason behind your move could be any. But, it is very important to have a post-move plan in mind so that you can settle in the new city, new neighborhood comfortably. Although any sudden change takes time for people to adjust if you have the immediate post-move tasks in mind etched out clearly, settling down in a new land shall not be a problem.

• Book the professionals early on

You need to have the timely support of expert movers for your move. But, you need ample time to research and find out which one out of the lot is ideal for you. For that, evaluate your moving requirements, see what kind of move you want and the type of packing assistance would be apt for your needs. Make sure to choose a company that is experienced and trustworthy.

• Take note of the restricted items

When you are discussing your move with the professionals, it is crucial to inquire about the non-allowable items. Though the experts would provide you with the list of the restricted items before acknowledging you with their moving services, you still need to be very careful about that. If you have them in your household, find a way to get rid of them before you leave the place.

• Start once you have the materials

Before you start packing goods, you should have the key packing materials with you. Depending on the kind of items you have, having the primary packaging materials including cardboard boxes, packing paper, bubble wraps, stretch wraps, fabric sheets, moving blankets, heavy-duty packing tape, permanent markers, etc. is a must. No need to worry because the moving experts would bring them along. You too can buy them at a fair cost if you want to start with the packing task.

• Empty all storage spaces and plan

Now let’s get to the paramount task – the packing. Remember, the initial phase of packing is always done by us and not the experts. So, whenever you sort out things and clean up your space, pull out everything from the cupboards and any other storage space you have. Have trash bags with you so you can simultaneously pare down belongings and curate a pile of the items to be moved.

• Decide from which room to begin

We just randomly mentioned the process of packing to you in the previous point, but it is on you to decide which area or room you want to start the packing task with – whether your kitchen, the attic, the bedroom, the living room, etc. Follow the same format of sorting and packing, and make sure you are preparing your room-wise moving inventory alongside.

• Snap favorite spaces of your home

No one loves leaving their place of comfort – their home. But when the occasion is good and you vacate your old place to step into the newly bought home, there is some degree of joy in our hearts no matter how heart-breaking the moving thought is. These situations call for some great pictures and tapes of your current place so you can keep them as unparalleled memories in your heart!

• Devise a way to tackle extra stuff

Meanwhile, you should keep track of the items you have sorted a while ago. All the piles you have prepared for ‘sale’, ‘disposal’, and ‘donation’ need to be dealt with ahead of your move. With only limited time in hand, managing all that segregated stuff would be a challenge. But, do not worry because there are removal companies you can call to get rid of the trash. And for the rest of the items, you can make a trip to the nearby charity and take a day out to organize a backyard sale.

• Follow some unique packing tricks

This point is solely for you as you are planning to pack your high-value goods and precious items yourself. You may not be well-versed with the tips and techniques of doing it the right way, so here are some principal rules you can follow – give extra care to delicate items; cushion fragile articles amply and then pack. Do not leave any empty spaces or gaps in the moving cartons.

• Mind moving budget all the way

Since moving is all about incurring a multitude of additional expenses, keeping track of every abrupt moving cost becomes mandatory. So, keep a close tab of all the random, impromptu expenses you come up with, during the journey. Keep some funds aside just in case you encounter some unforeseen situation in the course.

We hope the tips we shared above would guide you in making your move less stressful! Also, the movers and packers in Guwahati you have booked would make your move convenient with their invaluable moving ideas and advice. So, breathe easy!