While making stationary, it is important to ensure that the packaging brings out your brand name and the logo. In addition, you need to ensure that it does not go against any trademark or copyrights as a word of caution.

When people used to buy pens from stationery shops in earlier days, they were very simple. Still, now due to competition among these brands, colorful designs are being made on them, which makes your product noticeable in the market. For example, playing cards are a trendy item of stationery business, these cards are packed in playing card boxes wholesale. Here are some things which you should consider while making stationery packaging:

Keep in Mind Your Brand Values While Designing Stationery Packaging:

It’s good if you have an already existing logo for your business, so it will be easy for everyone involved in this project, from the office staff to the people involved in the packaging process.

Choose A Color Scheme That Is Eye Catching:

It’s good to know which color scheme would look good with your logo/business values, but if you don’t, try looking at other company websites or blogs (especially related to your industry) to see what they’re doing and what colors they’re using. Of course, there should be no restriction on trying new color combinations as well!

Be Practical While Designing Stationery Packaging:

While designing a stationery packaging, think practically- will this box break easily? If it is not strong enough, it can lead to losses of money! Being practical while designing does not mean that you should design the stationery packaging so that customers will use it only once! It’s all about designing something that will work for your long run like you can use black boxes again and again rather than using pink boxes.

Think About How Your Stationery Packaging Would Look Like When Someone Opens It?

It might sound weird to think about the inside of the package when it’s outside is not even finalized. Still, it’s important because if you keep this thing in mind while finalizing your box, then you will know what kind of material is suitable on the lid so that it does not break when opened.

Always Have A Clear Message:

If there’s one thing that every company wants people to see after seeing your packaging revolves around your message. For example, if you sell healthy food, you should list the ingredients on the outside of the package. People want to know what they are eating these days. In stationary, use a type that is easy to read and at least one picture. If you sell sticky notes, there should be minimal text on it because people don’t read as much as they used to.

Think About the Product You Are Selling:

If you are selling something that is wearable like watches or sunglasses, make sure that they can be packed in transparent boxes. This way, when someone opens the lid, they can see what is inside clearly. If your product is not much visible like pens or pencils then you should pack them in boxes that hide it.

Material Used:

If you are selling something, make sure it is made out of recycled material. People want only recyclable things and they look for products that are made up of recycled materials. Check with your supplier before you buy something.

Designing the Product with Innovative Colors and Texture: 

Designer pencils and pens are very popular these days. Put them in stationery as you do with other supplies like rubber. Put stickers on the rubber to make it shiny and glossy. On the other hand, keeping the customer’s personality in mind will play a big role as well.

Keep the Product Safety in Mind:

If the product is not safe, then it’s no good. This is because if you lose them, then you can’t use them again. You always need to keep this in mind when starting anything for your business or else you will be in trouble at the end.

Always Go for Eco-friendly and Recyclable Products Only:

Today, people do not like products that are made out of oil, plastic, and other chemicals because these products harm the environment. Try to avoid using any kind of chemicals in your product and try to go for eco-friendly and recyclable products so that you will not only get good profits from your business but also a good name in the market.

Integrate A Brand in All of Your Stationery Packs:

Brand your product if you want to make sales quickly. If there is no brand on anything, it will not sell easily. Never forget the things that are important for a complete pack of stationery.

Keep the Product Price in Mind While Making Its Packaging:

Price is an important factor when people want to buy something. If your product is not priced right, then they will not buy it. Make sure that the price of your product is in the range that people can afford and that it is made well.

Work with Professionals for A Good Packaging Order:

You may not think that you can do everything alone, but you are wrong. You would need time to do some things, so some people get other people to help them. Other people come and pack orders for some companies because they know how to do it right and with maximum security.

Decide Order According to Your Product Size:

It is necessary to decide what size you need. If someone wants a big box and they want to pay more for it, they can get that. But if they want a small box and it will come at a cheaper price, then they should order the smaller size.

Decide Order According to The Type of Your Product:

You should decide according to the type of your product. Like you are selling stationery, you will need different packaging than if you sell other things. You can use custom tray and sleeve boxes to pack these items like pencils and ball points. For example, people want high security for electronics but not for food. But if you sell something smaller like hardware, it does not need much packaging and just some customized boxes will work.

Closing Remarks:

Please note that you should always remember your product and what kind of packaging material will suit it the best. As every company has a different target audience, they have different needs regarding stationery items. Hence, we highly recommend you to take advice from professionals before making a final decision.