We all know the basics – eat healthy, exercise regularly, drink more water – but these weight-loss tips could be the answer to a slimmer you.

1. Good-looking gear

If your gym clothes make you look and feel frumpy, chances are you won’t be too excited about getting dressed and heading out for a jog. Invest in a few sets of flattering or even funky exercise clothes to give your mood – and your fitness level – a boost.

2. Weight-loss is not the goal

Don’t measure your workouts by the digits on your bathroom scale alone. Set another goal besides your target weight – enter a 5km fun run, challenge a friend to see who can reach the top of a hill/mountain first, or simply aim to lift a dumbbell twice the size you’re doing currently. It’ll keep you going when the scale makes you want to call it quits. (And remember – muscle weighs more than fat!)

3. Words of wisdom

Search the web for inspirational (or even humorous) quotes. We love this one: ‘Sweat is fat crying!’ Or how about: ‘No matter how slow you go, you’re still lapping everyone sitting on their couch at home.’ Write motivational quotes on sticky notes and stick them everywhere – from your fridge to your bathroom mirror and even in your car.

4. Keep your eye on the target

If you really want to fit into an old dress or need reminding of working towards a beach-ready body at the end of the year, display the dress or your bikini in your room, preferably on a hanger in front of your closet. It’ll make you think twice about not donning your gym clothes for a workout.

5. Mighty mint

Always craving something sweet after a meal? Keep minty chewing gum or mouthwash in your desk drawer or handbag, and use it right away. This will help prevent you from snacking on something sugary.

6. Real rewards

No, we’re not talking about celebrating your progress with a slice of double-chocolate cake. Consider rewarding yourself with something other than food. How about putting R5 – just five bucks – in a jar every time you go for a walk/run. If you do this five times a week, you could treat yourself to your favorite mag or lipgloss at the end of the month! You know that dress you’ve been eyeing? If you manage to drop 5 kilos, consider it SOLD!

7. Don’t be fooled by fancy foods

Of course, you’d never order a diet-sabotager like a burger, smothered in cheese sauce with an extra-large side portion of fries. Or a double-thick chocolate milkshake. Never! You know better than that … or do you? Beware of fancy-sounding (and seemingly healthy) restaurant meals that are more often than not packed with fat, sugar, salt, and who knows what other diet-unfriendly ingredients. So think twice next time you want to order the avo and prawn salad or the gourmet chicken wrap with aioli.

See, losing weight isn’t just about what you know, but also about what you didn’t know. And now you have these secret weapons to assist you on your journey to a healthier, slimmer you. Good luck!