Custom Headphones

A custom headphone is made with features that fit inside, over, and around the ears. There are technical differences between these types of headphones. Here you can find out everything you need to know before buying wireless Bluetooth headphones or custom earbuds.

The wired headphones were more cost-effective and performed better than the wireless ones. The technical and economic gap has retracted thanks to the recent developments in Bluetooth protocol, which allow for a longer range and lower energy consumption. In addition, there are models that enable sports enthusiasts to listen to music or synchronize with TVs without any wires.

Reasons to buy custom headphones

Here are some important reasons:

Sound Quality

Speaker size, storage area, and electronic components determine an earphone’s fidelity. As a frequency, impedance, power, and sensitivity increase with the dimensions of the system, better results have founded.

A technology using Bluetooth

There has been an increase in the use of Bluetooth connectivity over the years. There are no wires and no worries with them, offering a liberating experience. Traveling on public transportation or doing sports is easier with a greater range of motion.

  • It has a longer range and a faster speed than the previous versions of Bluetooth. In addition to its low energy consumption and high security, this device has doubled its speed to 5120 kbps and maintains low energy consumption. The Galaxy family from Samsung are currently the only devices supporting it at the moment.
  • These headphones need power to operate, just like all wireless devices. This field’s first great distinction is the amount of autonomy they offer between loads. Longer battery life means a heavier handset, and a larger battery equates to longer battery life. The lightest disconnection takes 3 hours, while the bulkiest lasts for 7 hours.
  • You can use Bluetooth headphones without having any device on top and simply connect them to your cell phone. Bluetooth allows you to connect to a variety of devices, so there is no need to worry about compatibility.
  • They feature volume control buttons and touch panels that allow you to move forward / backward songs without having to take your phone out of your pocket. As a result, when it is enhanced by noise cancellation, it becomes one of the best under budget noise cancelling earbuds on the market.

A microphone is built-in

An essential element of a custom headphone is the microphone, which is also a reason why customers search for it when choosing theirs. Whenever one is listening to music, the device automatically stops playing the music when a phone call arrives at the same time. The same applies to wireless as well as wired connections. There is also the advantage of not having to take the phone out of the pocket, and this is more convenient.

Design and Size

When using headphones, the folds on auditory pavilions differ, which is a drawback. Long listening sessions should be possible without the weight or pressure of the model overwhelming the listener. A custom earbud should not only be comfortable, but it should also be the right size and design for the user. A custom earbud should not only be comfortable, but it should also be the right size and design for the user.


The fastening system and materials of the various parts are often considered when evaluating the purchase. In order to ensure good foam quality and quality silicone and materials in contact with the skin, it is important to check the foam quality of the pads.

Isolation System

It is also important to consider the type of earphone you choose in terms of its acoustic insulation and fit to your ear. There are intra-ear, and over-ear headphones.

The smallest and most discrete type of headphones are intra-earphones, which seal the ear canal to isolate outside sounds. Sports enthusiasts should choose them because they are so light. A pair of On-Ear headphones, with their support for the ears, is a perfect option. For long trips or activities that do not require a lot of movement. The Over-ear headphones offer the best sound quality due to their size and complete coverage of the ears. Bluetooth on the TV is indicated as being large.

Designing wireless networks

Known as True Wireless Stereo, the headphones are distinguished by the fact. The right channel has not connected to the left channel by any cable or connector. Apple AirPods feature a minimalist design that adds to the quality of the Samsung Gear Icon X.

As they are so small, these headphones has preferred by athletes, but their battery runs out more quickly. Fortunately, the case where it is stored also functions as a portable charger, allowing it to gain another period of autonomy by just putting them together for a while.

When these headphones sync, the first one has connected to the smartphone, and the second one connects with the main one and they have paired together, always through Bluetooth.