Child Safety Online With Parental Control App

While we can’t control what goes on Facebook, headquarter surely can use parental control apps for kids. Do you know that 7.5 million Facebook user in the US is violating the Facebook policy? They are under 13 but still have access to Facebook.

Imagine how many types of content, images, audio, and video files that are not appropriate for the age group would regularly seen by them on social media. Under age, people are not allow to access social media platforms, but kids these days have an account on social media like Facebook and Instagram.

This is a clear violation and demands strict protective measures both at the authoritative and parental ends.

Parental Control: How to Monitor What Your Kids Share and See

These Parental control apps offer remote and secret access to the target teen’s smart gadgets. In other words, parents can know what their kids post, share, receive, and watch in the digital world. Not just that, these tools provide effective measure which ensures child online safety. Here is how things work with a simple spy app like TheOneSpy.

Control The Screen Time:

Everything starts with screen time. Most parents have no control over the screen time limits, especially when the kids reach their teenage. Still, it is necessary to know at least the total time spent on screen and the nature of activities.

Parental control app help parents know about their kids’ screen activities. The app offers a real-time screen check option by which parents can check what their kid watches on the gadget in real-time. Not just that, the activities are save in screenshots and short video recordings as well. This helps parents know which apps are more frequently used by their kids.

Make the Dangerous App Disappear:

There are all sorts of apps available on the app store. There is no age or content limit except writing it down as a disclaimer only which most of the time is ignored. There are dating apps and apps that have adult or vulgar content.

The parental control app lets the user control the app usage of the kid’s gadgets. You can know all about the installed apps and even get rid of unwanted apps immediately. Get the app and block any app with a few clicks.  

Find out About All the Game Obsessions of Your Kid:

It is easy to know about any game obsession of the kid. If you are worried that your kid might spending too much time playing online games, then you can get rid of the apps immediately. This feature also lets you delete unwanted apps on your kid’s device. Nip the evil in the bud and strictly use the parental control app right away.

Check the Video Streaming Sites Activities:

It is the age of Disney plus and Netflix. But don’t worry;  good app for spy on android has got your back. As one can monitor the web activities of the kids. Find out everything about video streaming sites and know if your kid is watching adult content or sexual stuff. 

Block any Unwanted Content with a Few Clicks:

The software offers a web filter feature that can block any unwanted website or stuff immediately. So by getting a spy app like TheOneSpy, you know about your kid’s online activities and can even control them. 

Get into the Instant Messenger Chat Folder:

One of the major plus points of using the parental control app is that you can secretly jump into any social media or instant messenger chat app account of the kid. Know what type of content they share or receive and take immediate action in case of any red flags.

Even Encrypted Gallery is In Your Access:

The photo gallery can be the big hub of secrets of the kids these days, and the gallery contains what they capture, download, send and receive. An encrypted gallery can be a bad sign, but you can still overcome it by using TheOneSpy. The app allows users to bypass the encrypted caller folder and check the content.


Parental control apps are a healthy positive and, most importantly, mandatory change every parent deserves. Many spy apps available in market like TheOneSpy might a good choice as it can use for versatile games. One can monitor Macbook, cell phones, laptops, desktops, and by choosing their favorite TheOneSpy bundle.