In this age of 21st century, women are not far behind men.  Today’s woman is working alongside men in almost every field.  But when it comes to the field of technology, the participation of women in this field is very rare.  But African women have also made their mark in the field of technology.  The development of women in the field of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology is commendable.  Because women in Africa have suffered from backwardness for a long time.  Due to which women have been facing several challenges such as inadequate access to education, non-participation in politics, exclusion of economics, and many more.

Bitcoin Industry a Ray of Hope for Women in Africa

Despite all these challenges, African women have not only stood up for their survival but have also achieved remarkable success in the field of modern technology such as blockchain.  The bitcoin champion is a platform used for the automatic trading of cryptocurrencies.  Thanks to this platform, the hope of African women is transformed into the belief that they can not only be independent and advance in the field of technology, but also make significant progress in the bitcoin cause

The Role of African Women in the Growth of the Bitcoin Industry

Coupled with this, African women have made significant contributions to the growth of the African bitcoin industry and blockchain technology. The services and efforts of Ojuedeire Doris, Yaliwe Soko, Sonya Kuhnel, Roselyn Gicira Mwangi, Olayinka Odeniran, Imen Ayari, Monica Singer, andYaliwe Soko are commendable. They have made it even easier for the rest of Africa’s women to grow in the blockchain and bitcoin industries. They have proved that woman is not inferior to man in any field.

Bitcoin Lady of Africa

The credit for overall success for women in Africa goes to Ojuedeire Doris. This is the woman who introduced bitcoin to women.  She is also the founder of Satoshicentre, a hub that helps solve the various problems facing Africa in terms of blockchain.  That is why this woman is also called The Bitcoin Lady (TBL).

Objectives of BAL Organisation

Furthermore,  Bitcoin Lady has taken a big step towards bringing women into the field of blockchain technology. When she realized that women in Africa had no knowledge of bitcoin and blockchain, she founded BAL (Blockchain African Lady).  BAL is a benevolent forum that aims to educate African women about blockchain technology.  BAL has grown very fast and has members in different countries including Cameroon, Kenya, South Africa, Nigeria, Cote d’Ivoire, and Egypt.

A variety of conferences, workshops, and seminars are organized by this organization to create interest and educate women about blockchain and the bitcoin industry.  This is due to the fact that many women in Africa have now joined the blockchain industry. Ponzi schemes in Africa cost investors millions in bitcoin.  Due to which people stopped investing in blockchain.  BAL has helped people overcome this fear.


Obviously, Bitcoin Lady’s services to the women of Africa are commendable.  According to TBL, her first attempt was to educate women about blockchain and bitcoin so that they could grow economically, and she has been quite successful in this endeavor.  This is the first time in the world that African women are stepping into the field of blockchain technology.  The main purpose of introducing BAL is to make women economically independent in Africa.  The important goal of this forum is to create a successful woman who can excel in blockchain technology

Because, when a woman is financially independent she can live her life better.  At the same time, the doors of development will open on them.  She has been successful in this endeavor.  It has not only made women economically independent in Africa but also helped them advance in the field of technology.  However, it claims that if women participate in the field of blockchain technology, even more, they can reach new heights of development.

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