Drywall Repairs

It’s a typical scenario where you’re sitting on the stairs watching TV or reading a book, and then you hear a loud bang from upstairs. Startled, you run upstairs to see what’s going on and see your child’s leg, arm, or head sticking out of the wall. After all the dust clears, you make sure everyone is okay and the proper punishments have been dealt, it’s time to fix the huge hole left in your wall.

Now depending on the size of the hole in the drywall. It depends on how it is going to be arranged. If you have a hole the size of a small door handle, it will be easier to do it one way (which I’ll explain later). But if you have a larger hole, it might be easier to install a new large piece of drywall that extends from stud to stud. I will also explain it to you.

Now with a smaller hole. First, we need to cut out the fragments that are hanging all over the place. We will do this with a drywall saw and a utility knife. Then once we have a nice clean area to work with, we want to remove a 1/2-inch to 1-inch strip of paper from the drywall to make it look like torn cardboard. Next, we want to cut a piece of drywall that is slightly larger than the hole to be fixed. Then begin carving on the back of the piece until the piece fits the opening and the paper remains. This piece is called a “patch hat”.

Now put drywall mud on the edges of the patch and put it in the hole. Then, once in place, apply a layer of mud over the patch, let it dry. Once dry, remove chunks and sand smooth, then go back to mud. Let it dry and do the same. Do this until the patch is nice and smooth and is ready to be painted Drywall Repair Charleston.

This is how to repair a small hole in a drywall. Now to fix a bigger hole it’s basically the same, except we’re going to want to cut the hole out completely. Take the drywall saw and cut until it hits a stud, now measure down to the mark and minus ¾ of an inch so that half is left on the stud. Make two marks and draw a line, or with a flat edge draw a line through the two marks, that is the line you want to cut. Now that you have done that, we want to use the saw to cut the stud on the other side of the hole. Take a measurement from the same place you made for the other brand and add ¾ of an inch to it.