How apprenticeship can breathe life into your business

Internships often get a bad press. For businesses, especially SMEs with limited resources, the thought of taking on Digital Marketing Agency in Sheffield an apprentice may feel redundant. Employers often worry it will only make overhead and struggle to see the benefits of an internship can bring to the business.

In  we have experienced first hand the actual value of apprenticeship and the National Apprenticeship honor Sunday, here are five ways in which the apprentice can breathe life into your business:

# 1. A fresh perspective

A young man, fresh out of training, bringing a fresh pair of eyes and generally unaffected by the business constraints. simple but challenging question why you do it this way? ” to highlight the potential for other process improvement ingrained in the business may not look so easy.

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# 2. Technology is second-nature

This generation of graduates is influenced by technology growing with the Internet and Social Media as an aspect of everyday life. We found this invaluable when implementing a social media strategy. Researching the Internet for potential solutions is also second nature that creates a hands-on approach to proactive; asset to any team.

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# 3. Open to learning

Having come directly from the apprenticeship education is generally open to learn coaching and mentoring. We certainly found in our personal experience of being given the opportunity to intern, especially in such difficult economic climate increases how eager and willing to learn our apprenticeship.

# 4. A new dynamic

Energy enthusiasm and adaptability of interns bring a new dynamic to the team. We find the addition of this new element to our team especially noticeable (and very welcome!) As small businesses.

# 5. Representing the future customers

youth of today are the future of business customers and by using the knowledge they bring to the workplace can help to Digital Marketing Agencies in Sheffield transform and target your products and services and expand business opportunities. Somewhat inappropriate during his time at  by far one of the projects is Emily has been involved in the creation of an online tracking system for Skills Made Easy internship program council.