Voi jeans that define style

Denim has always been one of the oldest and most comfortable garments to wear. Originally designed for miners who worked in extremely strenuous conditions and circumstances, this clothing caught everyone’s attention and became extremely popular. Men’s desire to wear comfortable yet fashionable jeans prompted many companies to create their own brands, and slowly jeans became fashionable as well. Voi Jeans made a name for itself in the 1980s as a brand of recommended quality jeans with unique style. This name is known for its quality products and good looks. It stands for comfort, design and style.

Competitive prices and comfortable jeans of the highest quality are available under this brand. There is a wide range of jeans models of this brand. Different cuts and fits are also available. Along with all the contemporary fits and cuts, there are also cascading colors and washes that are very popular among the masses. One of the identifying and distinguishing features of this jeans brand is the use of the “V” logo. In almost all collections meant for formal or informal occasions, you can find this unique and distinctive logo of Voi Jeans. In fact, this logo is such a great entity that it gives prestige to the wearer who wants to be known among his peers for wearing high fashion clothes. Wholesale Jogger Pants Men UK

Among the various Voi designer jeans that you can buy at an affordable price are jeans with elastic cuffs and dark wash. There are cargo style jeans with dark wash and a smart look, as well as low crotch jeans with light wash. The selection of denim wear from this brand includes pretty much all washed jeans like dark and light washes. Darker washes with faded areas are also available. Different seams with the new slim fit, regular fit, regular with straight leg, jogger styles and so on make the brand very versatile.

The brand also introduces seasonal releases, but traditional pieces are also available for buyers. These include regular fit jeans with buttoned fly, large seat and thigh pockets. Cargo pants with buttoned seat and side pockets, drop-crotch jeans with lime green stitching. Low-crotch jeans reminiscent of comfortable chinos, combined fits and colors, etc. Voi always makes sure that its jeans never look boring or routinely worn. These jeans offer a fresh change from the normal straight cut or cuff. Numerous stitching and details on the buttoned thigh pockets make them look funkier. Large peppered back pockets with buckle details on the back are also seen.

One of the biggest fashion icons in men’s designer jeans. Voi also has a 6-pocket drawstring waistband made of 100 percent cotton. One of the best things about these jeans is that they are machine washable. So you can easily wash both the zippered jeans and the designer jeans with button closure.

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