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Information About This Opportunity

Field Engineer is devoted to connecting needy freelancers with a nationwide network of businesses. We are an industry leader now and will be one tomorrow when it comes to the digital marketplace for freelancing because of our innovative technology and easy-to-use platforms.

We need to create diverse work opportunities for our engineers so that they truly reflect the diverse communities we serve and our customers. Joining our team means you are joining an environment where we take risks, create new solutions, solve problems, grow, work hard, and have a lot of fun!

Roles and responsibilities

Besides designing, implementing, and growing the primary analytics platform for a client, the Data Infrastructure team provides core libraries and infrastructure applications within the client’s workspace. Data processing and analysis toolkits play a crucial role in the growth of the organization because it allows all departments to perform their tasks in a timely and effective manner, allowing them to be successful in the long run.

Senior Network Infrastructure Engineers (SRE) are responsible for adding and refining tools and systems within the company. Your expertise will allow us to enhance the available tools, identify new technologies, and increase the speed of delivery for users of the data platform.

Impact You Will Have

Infrastructure Lead Engineers play a critical role in the development of an organization’s infrastructure architecture, service delivery standards, and best practices. Professionals in this field work closely with network architects and network engineers. They assist in developing the necessary IT infrastructure to ensure that all essential business applications run smoothly.

  • Take the time to understand the business! Working directly with data engineers, data analysts, and application developers to address their needs.
  • Streamlining applications are built.
  • We want you to be a part of our data platform tools! Guide on and prioritize the development of tools to improve our capabilities.
  • Develop a multi-datacenter, high-performance, and highly available data platform and the frameworks that support it.
  • Providing support for various cloud technologies by building and maintaining frameworks.
  • Contribute actively to the adoption of strong software architecture, the development of best practices, and the introduction of new technologies. Bringing software to life is constantly improving; your contributions are needed
  • Assist software developers and other technologists with the use of the data platform and software stack (like Kafka, Presto, Spark) to develop their product-specific applications.
  • Analyze and improve our systems relentlessly.

Technologies of note

  • Python / Java / Scala
  • Jenkins
  • AWS
  • Docker
  • Kubernetes
  • Kafka
  • Linux (Ubuntu & Amazon Linux)

Your contributions

  • An undergraduate degree in science, computer science, engineering, or a related field.
  • Building high-performance applications for over five years.
  • A minimum of 1-2 years experience with streaming technologies (Kafka, Beam, Flink, Spark).
  • Expertise in Python programming
  • SQL query capabilities for data querying
  • Ability to explain complex technical concepts to business stakeholders in a simple manner

Have you got these? The best of both worlds

  • Experience designing and implementing multi-regional streaming and data applications.
  • Experience packaging Python libraries across multiple operating systems
  • Working experience with Gradle for releasing Java and Scala artifacts
  • Data pipeline experience in production environments
  • Expertise in distributed computing and data management tools such as Spark, Kafka, and PrestoSQL
  • Java and Scala programming experience
  • Experience with cloud infrastructure such as AWS
  • A knack for analyzing and improving processes through data

A network operations center needs specific skills.

A NOC’s employees must possess the following specific skills to ensure that it is functioning efficiently at all times:

  • Incident handling – Proficient in handling any incidents that occur in the company’s network or NOC.
  • Documentation – Issues, reports, etc. must be documented properly and taken care of promptly.
  • Monitoring infrastructure – It is necessary to understand the inner workings and the functionalities of NOC infrastructure to be able to monitor it accurately for glitches.
  • Use experience – Experiences of a NOC must be proficient
  • Understand routing/switching pretty well – Knowledge of how to route information and the ability to switch routes as needed
  • Monitor systems – A solid understanding of monitoring systems and how to spot problems is required
  • Reporting – Reporting network information correctly is a crucial skill
  • Understand SAN basics – Knowledgeable of the basic concepts of SAN
  • Tracking issues – Ability to follow/track issues that appear on the NOC
  • Troubleshooting the problems – Experienced in troubleshooting various network problems and is knowledgeable about networking

In general, a NOC must function properly for it to be effective. NOC supervisors and technicians, as well as engineers, must have an extensive understanding of technical procedures to maintain efficiency at their companies. They must be always available to monitor networks 24 hours a day so that they can make sure their clients’ networks are always working optimally.

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