As consumers are bombarded by sales messages from sources more and more, email marketing is still one Digital Marketing Company Bath of the most efficient method for retailers to generate quality sales.

Email Segmentation for Conversion Rate Optimization | Digital Kanuka
However, many marketers still fail to segment their customers to enable a more relevant message and, ultimately, provide better ROI from their efforts.

If you take the ‘batch and blast’ approach and does not segment your data, you are effectively broadcast information that is not relevant to most databases will not engage with content that does not speak to them, which leads to poor response rates, unsubscribe and, ultimately, fewer sales.

By segmenting your email list, you can target multiple buyer personas with customized content that could be relevant to their interests, meet their needs or can service customers at different points of the sales cycle.

What email segmentation?
In short, just email segmentation categorizes your email database into a particular group is to enable you to provide a better user experience for your customers. In turn, it provides the most effective way to get your brand message across.

What should be the segment by?
Finding the best way to segment your email marketing list can hit for some marketers, and especially so if you have never done this before.

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Furthermore, taking the same approach will not work for every company so you’ll need to be patient and test several approaches before deciding which is the best way forward.

To get you started, here are five quick and easy segmentation strategy so that you can begin to apply.

1 – Location
One of the most obvious factors take a geographic approach to separate your data. This is very helpful when your database is composed of several countries, as you can adjust your email copy to reflect a different currency, seasonal and even local colloquialisms.

Email Segmentation to Increase Conversions | Digital Kanuka

There is little benefit from promoting next-day delivery to customers in Australia when you send from your depot in London. As a result, the segmentation of your contacts you can avoid disappointment for your customer “under” while ensuring local buyers prefer you transfer to take action.

2 – Device
Ideally, your email will look great on any device and responsive, providing the best experience for all screen sizes and connections. However, if the mobile experience of your website does not fit or might cause a problem prevents the conversion targets by the device is a better approach.

Email Segmentation to Increase Conversions | Digital Kanuka

To email with more focus on conversions, you may see only targeting desktop users. Conversely, if the goal of your campaign is more awareness then targeting mobile users are likely to drive more traffic and engagement.

3 – Purchase History
Targeting customers who have purchased from your store can be a very effective way to increase your ROI on your email. You can see promoting similar products, upselling or cross-selling, or make recommendations based on purchases made by the same customer.

It also provides a chance to level your list with the value of the purchase, offer an incentive for customers who have spent more than a certain limit and reward them for being such a valued customer.

Email Segmentation to Increase Conversions | Digital Kanuka

4 – Level of Engagement
Build a large list of customers just for the sake of it would not be a worthwhile exercise. Like most services like MailChimp charge by the number of subscribers you have Digital Marketing Companies Bath you do not want to waste money by keeping active members in your list.

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