Dangerous Effects of Social Media on Teenage

There was a time when the universe was worried about the side effects of high screen time among toddlers. Now those toddlers have become grown-up teens and things are worse than ever. Since smart gadgets and the internet is pretty normal things for them since childhood so they are pretty obsessed with them even now.

With all the old and new platforms and tools, parents are very much in keeping themselves updated about the new cool app and trends.

Dangerous Effects of Social Media on Teenage

Well if you are a tech-savvy parent then it might be not a problem for you. But if you are not that good with social media platform updates and smart gadgets then parental control is the only solution for you. WhatsApp Monitoring, FaceBook , Instagram , Telegram, and KiK are just some of the options which you can avail of by using android monitoring app.

  • Do you know that an average teenager spends more than 8 hours on screen daily that is outside the classroom zone? This is roughly 17% high than the 2019 reports.  

Social media can have several negative effects on teenage decision-making. The pressure of society to copy one another’s lifestyle all started from public social media platforms. Now with so many platforms, the pressure has also increased. OgyMogy is one of the apps that can be used to keep a check on the kid’s decision-making abilities and overall digital life.

Social Media Apps like WhatsApp Monitoring, FaceBook, Instagram, Telegram:

OgyMogy offers a long list of features related to social media and instant messenger chat apps. It includes the WhatsApp monitoring app, Line app, Facebook  app, Instagram  app, Telegram app, Kik  app, and more. Teen social life is all about online life these days.

Hence many decisions are made based on what they see, like, or dislike in the online world. Parents can at least keep a check on online activities to control the level of manipulation. Yes, social media trends are manipulating kids’ minds and lives in the worst ways possible. WhatsApp Monitoring, FB Monitoring, Instagram Monitoring, Telegram, and KiK are the ultimate saving end parents require in surviving the tech world.

Not All Insta Trends are Worth Following:

Kids try to follow what cool reels they watch on Insta feed or anything cool trend. It is not the right thing to do as blindly following anything you see on the internet is wrong. OgyMogy app offers an Instagram monitoring app. You can check all the newsfeed activities of the teen and how the kid responds to or react in certain situation. 

You Don’t Have to Share Unwanted Stuff even If It Seems Normal:

Take the example of sexting. It is pretty common among young generations they consider it normal in their relationship. Features like WhatsApp Monitoring, FaceBook, Instagram, Telegram, and KiK can help in tracking any such habit right away.

Engaging With Strangers on Telegram is Not Cool:

One issue is that social media can create pressure on certain behaviors, such as engaging in risky behaviors or bullying others. Well if a kid is recklessly adding every stranger on Telegram then it does not make it the right thing to do. Watch the telegram activities and notice if your kid is under certain pressure right away.

All That Glitters on Facebook Is Not Gold:

Facebook makes everything look everything more than perfect and idealistic. It is not as if all that glitter is not gold. Keep an eye on the Facebook response and reactions of kids and find out how they respond to specific situations and conditions.

Don’t Play With Bots If You Don’t Like It

Kik app offers a bot chatting option. You can even play games with them as well as apparently going solo is the new trend. Teach your kid that it does not necessarily follow every trend of social media.


Social media can make it difficult for teens to distinguish between real and fake information, leading to poor decision-making when it comes to things like health and relationships. WhatsApp Monitoring, FaceBook, Instagram, Telegram, Kik, and Snapchat are just some of the silent features offered by the OgyMogy app. Besides social media monitoring and instant messenger chat apps, there are many other interesting list features. Examples include screen recording, keystroke logging, camera control, mic bug, and many more.