What is the Nerdle game?

The Nerdle is yet another Wordle variant created by Richard Mann. Unlike Wordle, which is a game of letters, The Nerdle is a game of numbers. If you want to tackle math problems yet like Wordle’s possibilities, this game is a wonderful choice for you. The math-based Wordle clone asks users to react to six guesses in order to complete an 8-character formula. Despite having many more parts, it is identical to Wordle. Similar to the statement-based version of the game, each participant starts a round with a clear matrix. If you correctly predict the placement of a few of the photographs, the tiles will turn green.


2.1. Where can players play the Nerdle?

This game is available on the Google Play Store, App Store, and Amazon Appstore and players can play on a phone, tablet, or computer as well.

2.2 Rule

There are six chances for the player to select the correct response. Each guess will need to be verified by the player. By altering the color of the number boxes, you may select which numbers are present, which will appear, and which won’t.

You can tell the number box is in the right place when it turns green.
Purple indicates that the number appears and that its position has to be adjusted.
The number box will turn black if the answer does not contain that particular number.

You can play the game by entering any three digits from the range 0123456789+-*/=. You have a total of 8 blocks.

Before using these digits, make sure you’ve developed a mathematically correct equation.

Use the equal sign (=) in every equation to make sure the two sides are equal.

Once the answer is entered, press “Enter” to finish.

As you see the color cues in the earlier tries, keep playing and speculating on the answer.

Some information about the Nerdle game

3.1. Ordering of numbers and “commutativity”

The numerals 6+5 and 5+6 are effectively equalized under the mathematical concept of “commutativity.” The same holds true for 9*4 and 4*9. Depending on the sequence in which the correct answers are given, your predictions in this game will either turn green, purple, or black. To arithmetic purists, however, 6 + 5 and 5 + 6 might not be equally true. Your solution must still match the one we’re seeking and contain all of the same numbers in order to be deemed commutative. Unless the entire row is commutatively equal to the answer, the Nerdle won’t move the tiles or turn them green. The puzzle will be solved and the tiles will be moved to fit if the guess is accurate. In the options panel, you may switch “allow commutative replies” on or off.

3.2. Reset time 

The game restarts each day at 12 o’clock GMT. The following time zones marked the game’s reset:

  • 4 pm PST
  • 7 pm EST
  • Midnight GMT
  • 1 am CET
  • 9 am JST
  • 11 am AET

3.3. The Nerdle game’s Versions

There are 4 versions in the Nerdle game

  • Mini: A simplified version of the Classic Nerdle with six numbers rather than eight.
  • Speed the Nerdle: This game requires participants to play as quickly as they can while up against the clock.
  • Instant: There is only one viable estimate and response.
  • Pro: The Nerdle Pro version allows users to develop their own games. This is only a variation for you if you want to make your own Nerdle to challenge a friend.

3.4 How can players play the Nerdle game more than once a day?

There can only be one game session of this per day. In the event that you are unsuccessful, you must wait until the next day to attempt again because the timer typically resets at midnight GMT.

Tips to play the Nerdle game betters

Try this advice if you’re having trouble when you first start the game because you don’t know where to begin or you want to raise your score:

Tip 1. 

Your first impression is that Nerdle is really important, similar to Wordle. The best Nerdle advice we can provide you is to double-check your first estimation while keeping in mind that every figure is different. Try to use two different symbols to rule them in or out.

For instance, the first estimate for Nerdle may be 7+5*9=52. We are using addition, multiplication, and five different numerals.

Tip 2

If you are aware of where the equals symbol appears in each Nerdle response, you will be successful. Understanding if your response consists of one, two, or three digits can assist you to comprehend the type of total you’re working with because it normally falls into one of three categories. Make sure your second guess places the equals sign somewhere else if your first guess is inaccurate.

Tip 3

There is no contest on Nerdle. You are free to take as much time as necessary to come up with the solution because there isn’t even a timer. Sometimes it helps to set something aside if we’re having problems so we can return to it later. new stuff, new eyes.

Tip 4

At least, we don’t think it is. A calculator can be helpful if you’re working with larger numbers and aren’t particularly good at mental math, even though it won’t help you solve Nerdle. If you are having difficulty mentally calculating an amount, it may be beneficial to look up its value. In a similar manner, reviewing your multiplication facts may be beneficial.

Tip 5

Try Mini Nerdle if you enjoy Nerdle. The only difference is that it has six columns rather than eight, making it smaller and ostensibly simpler.

Tip 6

The “accept commutative responses” option was just made the default setting on Nerdle. Before, even if your sum was flawless, every number had to stand exactly where it belonged. It is unnecessary to guess when the numbers are in the correct sequence since, when commutative responses are allowed, the answers 6*5 and 5*6  are treated as being equivalent. You can turn this off in the menu (click the cog at the top of the page) if you like a harder life, but we advise leaving it on.


Nerdle game is a fun math game. It is a game that helps you develop your capacity for computation, mathematical reasoning, and logical thinking in addition to being fun. It will be challenging for new players, but there are advice and strategies available for everyone. Kids typically think of math as being extremely difficult and quickly uninteresting, so the Nerdle game is a terrific method to spark their interest in it. The fun component of the game will help kids learn math more rapidly and grow smarter.