For those of you who are fretting over their forthcoming long-distance move and their subsequent break-journeys till the destination owing to their huge moving load and multiple consignments, here is an amazing idea that we are going to share. But, ahead of that, book the mavens from Agarwal Packers. They will help you out at every step and resolve all your moving qualms and concerns. But, we have a question for you.

Are you looking for a temporary storage option for a short while or over an extended duration?

If you are one of those who have an upcoming move already scheduled, but your new house is not yet ready for a move-in, then a temporary storage option can be a beneficial choice. Relocations are out-and-out hectic and with no living quarters over your head finalized, you might be nervous and tense. While you will manage to find yourself good accommodation in the new city, but where will you hold your goods until the time your new housing gets ready? Well, no need to worry, because the provisional storage spaces that we are talking about will offer you the storage space you need for the upkeep of your goods. Plus, these are not just safe and secure, but budget-friendly too. You can easily speak to your mover if you are on the lookout for that, for your relocation.

But wait; there are a few considerations you have to make before you book one:

  1. The kind of storage unit you are looking for
  2. The net cost you are willing to pay for it
  3. The additional features/amenities you want in it
  4. The handling/packing of the storage items
  5. The inspection of the unit before booking

These are some of the key things you should see before you rent one for your move.

Before you discuss them in detail, let’s just clarify a few things about renting storage units:

• Opting for a temporary storage option makes sense when you are moving out of the city or the country for a few months and want a safer place to store your precious goods until the time you get back to your home.

• People downsizing but unwilling to let go of their goods immediately can find solace by transferring their goods in these storage units. In this case, the customer can shift with the basic household stuff and keep the rest of the items (that would not be nearly used) in temporary storage.

• If there is a significant gap between the date of your move-in and the delivery of your consignment in your place, provisional storage would again come in handy. You will get to know about the delivery date (time-lapse) soon after your move is finalized. Do not worry because this time can be utilized well if you spend it giving your house a quick clean-up.

For those who have some kind of construction and maintenance jobs ongoing in their place and they need to shift their belongings to some safe and sheltered place, they can go for a temporary storage unit and pick up a date until when they will keep their goods in the storage company’s safe custody.

These are some of the occasions/situations when people consider booking a storage unit.

And if you have thought of booking one, take note of the things below:

  1. The things you want to store – When you rent a storage unit for your move, you will be informed of the storage guidelines and the list of restricted items for storage, by the experts of Agarwal Packers and Movers. Make sure you do not pack them for the purpose; else you will face limitations on your consignment. To name a few, items like firearms, perishable items, exquisite possessions, flammable items, chemicals and biological elements, confidential items, living things like plants and pets, and other invaluable properties should not be packed for storage purposes. If you own these, just discard them.
  2. Getting your goods surveyed – If you are a bit confused about the list of things you should send for storage, seek professional assistance. The moving team that will reach your place for the packing tasks would also help you out in determining the items that can easily be moved to storage. Also, a comprehensive survey of your belongings by the surveyor will help you to decide the size of your storage unit, which again will help you to plan out your storage expenses without any concern or qualm.
  3. The packing assistance served – Now this covers a lot of things – the kind of items you are moving, the type of packing services you are planning to opt for, and who would do the packing of your storage properties. Once you get to decide these, you will be able to plan your storage expenses somewhat more clearly. Make sure the storage company you book for your move is qualified enough to provide you with the exact assistance you are looking for. You can even visit your storage unit if you want to be sure of the size and space of the temporary accommodation.
  4. Final date for delivery of goods – Regardless of what your storage requirement is; there is a timeline that you have to decide for the upkeep of your goods in the storage unit. If your new home will need some more time to get into shape, you have to schedule the delivery of your storage items accordingly. If you think you can manage the arrangement of goods within a week and would get back your storage items the subsequent week, you can do that as well.

Note: Storage rates are relatively higher. Depending on the duration of your storage and the type of belongings, you will be quoted a price by the storage or the moving company. You can budget accordingly. Do not forget to compare options to get a budgeted deal!

Considering a storage unit for keeping your belongings safe and secure is a wonderful way to be at peace, even when you are away from your goods. If you are looking ahead to booking one for your move, keep the above-mentioned pointers in mind and hire the proficient team of Agarwal Movers and Packers.