used furniture in Dubai

There are some things in life that you just want to buy new. Shoes. Hats. Tires. Food. Luckily, furniture doesn’t fall into that category. In any case, buying used furniture in Dubai has clear advantages that go far beyond the low price.

Even if you can afford a brand new chair or dining table, there is something to be said for buying used furniture in Dubai. There is something to be said for it.

Even if you can afford a brand new chair or dining table, there is something to be said for buying used furniture in Dubai. There is something to be said for it. , consider the following reasons for buying used furniture in Dubai.


Think about how much material – wood, plastic, glass, fiber, leather – goes into making furniture. If you throw out an old piece of furniture and buy a new one instead, you’re wasting resources. Even furniture that looks like it has been “thrown away” can be salvaged.

In addition to wasting materials in new production, think about how much energy it takes to create furniture from scratch. This includes growing or harvesting, transportation, production, and all kinds of embodied energy (or energy consumed in all aspects of the production process).

However, when you buy used furniture in Dubai, you are extending the life cycle of an already manufactured product. The only environmental costs involved include the cost of gas to transport the product to the used furniture shop and then to your home.

Finally, used furniture doesn’t have the wasteful packaging that new furniture does. Think of the useless polystyrene, the plastic packaging for each component, and the thin film you get when you buy something new. When you buy used furniture, you get the product itself.

We could write a whole blog about the environmental implications of new furniture, but this at least gives a general idea of the environmental benefits of buying second-hand furniture.


Remember when you thought you could assemble a store-bought sofa in an hour or two? And then, four hours later, you were still knee-deep in mismatched screws, illegible instructions, and a million tiny nails? Yes, we’ve all been there.

When you buy used furniture in Dubai, you don’t have to worry about assembly. Most used furniture in Dubai is much more durable than the kind you’d buy new these days. Save time and buy used furniture.


Finding unusual items is an old reason to shop at wholesale or retail shops, and this is especially true of furniture. Perhaps you already have a fully decorated living room and are just looking for a fun chair or table. You don’t want something sterile, and you don’t want to overpay for an item that isn’t the focal point.

Used furniture is your best choice and the buying process itself is very enjoyable. There’s nothing better than finding that piece of furniture you’re missing. Check out this gallery from our used furniture shop in Boulder to start your search for a unique piece.


Generally, buying new furniture means supporting large national corporations. Buying used furniture, on the other hand, tends to support local businesses. As a used furniture shop in Dubai, we offer a delivery service. This means that we extend the life cycle of Dubai items and deliver them locally, saving valuable resources that would otherwise be wasted.

If you’re looking for a way to support your used furniture business and reduce your carbon footprint, there’s no better way than buying from your local used furniture shop.


Whether you’ve lived in Dubai for decades or are a sophomore moving into a house on the hill, you can find the furniture you need at No Place Like Home. If you want to get rid of your furniture but don’t want to bother with moving it, check out our furniture commissioning program.

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