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Many PCBA manufacturers specialize in low-volume PCB assembly services with customizable features. They handle the toughest jobs with state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities equipped to meet expected quality levels.

At FS Technology, we have many PCB assembly factories in China that focus on small batch orders, offering advanced manufacturing facilities to handle even the most challenging jobs. Our services include complete PCB assembly, from component sourcing and PCB fabrication to final assembly, testing, and delivery. As a leading manufacturer of low-volume PCB assembly services, we ensure that assembly jobs are completely risk-free and have short turnaround times.

Our professional small batch PCBA processing factory services include Design for Manufacturing (DFM) and Design for Test (DFT). DFM ensures a smooth and error-free production process by carefully analyzing and verifying customer documentation and working closely with customers to understand their requirements before beginning the manufacturing process. DFT allows customers to identify fixture types, probe types, and understand the limitations of their test procedures, ensuring that their PCB is built exactly as they want it.

We have multiple assembly lines to meet even the most stringent customer requirements, and provide high-density printed circuit board assembly prototypes to help customers visualize the final product. Our fully automatic surface mount line can handle single and double-sided SMD components, and we have extensive expertise in manual and wave soldering using a wide variety of materials.

All of our small batch PCB assemblies undergo strict quality checks and inspections by our experienced quality team to ensure that the assembly work meets customer requirements.