Importance Of Multiplication

Learning multiplication has always been tedious for school-going children. They find the process of learning multiplication tables complicated and time-consuming. But times have changed, and today’s students face different challenges. 

Students need to be faster and wiser to keep up with technological advancements. Multiplication is a fundamental step in the process of learning Mathematics. It is a critical topic in schools and a topic that parents and children need to be more aware of.

The importance of multiplication problems is beneficial for students and helps them in their future. Most parents ask ‘how to teach multiplication at home?’ It is vital for students because multiplication is a straightforward method to increase the number of things.

Mathematical ideas are nerve-racking, and your children must get the necessary supervision and assistance to pass their Maths exams. Online Maths tuition is ideal for your children to improve their arithmetic abilities. So here is a blog to understand why hands-on multiplication activities for school-going children are important.

Why is Learning Multiplication Beneficial?

Times tables are an essential aspect of Mathematical knowledge, and children who fail them in primary school are more likely to fall behind after they enter secondary school. As a result, the earlier you teach children the importance of multiplication in the most basic form, the sooner they become acquainted with this crucial activity.

To make learning more pleasant, you may include multiplication activities into everyday games such as snap, bingo and snakes or place clues throughout the house as reminders. Long multiplication, long division, decimals, and algebra are topics that pupils will have difficulty understanding if they struggle with multiplication.

Importance Of Learning Multiplication

Memorisation Boosts Confidence

We memorise regularly, but did you know that your mind is like a computer? Anything you put into it will most likely stay for a long time. You may fill it with inconsequential things or abilities that will serve you for the rest of your life, such as multiplication. You will utilise this talent for the rest of your life. Using your brain to memorise is the most crucial ability.

Multiplication Stay Engaged

I believe we can all relate to a circumstance in which we are working on a complicated topic and reach a point when we are mentally weary and need to take a break. Our mental energy is low, and we are no longer engaged in solving problems. When learning new arithmetic topics, students may feel the same sensation. While working on a Maths problem, the students often need to halt and reallocate their mental resources to compute a fact.

Encouragement And Compliments

Many students find learning the importance of multiplication difficult; it takes a lot of patience and devotion. Moreover, supporting your child’s education with positive statements helps them feel secure in their educational path, allowing them to flourish in the subject. When encouraging your children to learn anything new, the quality of praise is critical; a great example is prioritising effort over the finished job.

Helps With More Complex Tasks 

Multiplication is a vital ability that every individual should have in their Mathematics “toolbox,” and it will help your children succeed in what may be a complex topic. Multiplication may be a fun and rewarding topic to learn. Children must comprehend multiplication conceptually. So students understand ‘why’ and ‘how’ the timetable works rather than ‘what’ the solution is. This deeper level of thought allows for more meaningful application. That, moreover, will enable students to apply their expertise in other areas of study.

Helps Develop A Sense of Numbers

In most contexts, Mathematics involves the manipulation of numbers in various representations. Nevertheless, a significant amount of ‘number sense’ is required for even the most straightforward jobs. The development of essential abilities may support the growth of your child’s number sense and continuous practice of those skills.

Increased Problem-Solving Capabilities

When a child becomes better at memorising multiplication tables from 2 to 12, they will be able to tackle more complex mathematical problems in significantly less time. As a result of this fundamental comprehension has already taken place. This skill will become second nature, enabling them to focus on more challenging aspects of the task.


The importance of multiplication is that it helps you calculate large numbers quickly. Knowing multiplication makes it easy to calculate the total cost of a shopping bill or the number of miles you travelled on holiday. Multiplication is also helpful to quickly find the answer to a riddle-like ‘How much is 3 apples and 2 bananas?’ Or to work out how many days there are between two dates.