The ever-changing digital landscape troops brands and agencies alike to be agile in order to stay ahead of the game. However, we are very lucky here in iWeb to have a forward-thinking team of experts are constantly analyzing industry trends and their Digital Marketing Agency in Sheffield impact to ensure that our finger is on the pulse.

2020: Our web-based trends predicted for next year – iWeb
Here is our web-based trends predicted for 2020.

social spending
Social spending has grown over the past few years in line like Instagram and Pinterest. Impact of social spending individual purchase process by using social media networks to sell, share, recommend, advise and comment on products or services.

The idea behind social shopping is that people are influenced by their friends purchases and recommendations. Instagram and Pinterest take it to the next level and allows you to actually sell products.

In particular, Instagram allows users to tag images of products, giving their followers the ability to see the title of the product and the price is currently selected. When the user touches the bubble of this information, they were taken to the product page containing more information and the option to complete their purchase on the merchant’s website.

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We estimate that social spending will further integrate with the website in 2020. The following list shows how to integrate social channels with eCommerce sites:

A place to share plug-in product page
User-generated content sharing social exchange
Social reasonable offer
Use-based social comment system
Alerting users to share in the key step of the purchasing process
View product what social trends
Voice search integration eCommerce
Voice search was already racing with the introduction of an intelligent speaker and a digital assistant over the last few years.

In 2020, 50 percent of all Internet searches will be done using voice search.

We estimate that the search for intelligent and sound through the speakers digital assistant will integrate with eCommerce platform in 2020.

More websites will adjust their rich content to cater for voice search. Some of the main points to consider when optimizing your website:

Users looking for in terms of a conversation than a keyword search more robots
Make sure you answer the questions clearly
Be sure to use semantics in your content
Targeting the local search as users tend to search noise while they are out and about
Make sure that your site navigation is logical and clear
For more information check out the sound of this search optimization guide.

2020 Bonus prediction: the integration of voice search in the car will be included in all new models.

Progressive Web Apps (PWA)
Progressive Web Apps (PHAs) are the sites that have the same functionality and ease-of-use as a normal application.

People with HIV are three main features:

Reliability: People with HIV must load instantly, regardless of whether the user is online or offline.
Speed: People with HIV should load in less than three seconds, and the content must be immediately available without delay or scrolling issues.
Engagement: People with HIV should have interesting content and gives users the power to add the app to their home screen.
Industry experts across the web agree that progressive web application will be the future of mobile phone use.

Stat: According to research firm Gartner, people living with HIV will replace 50% of mobile applications by 2020.

Magento Cloud
Magento Magento Commerce Cloud is the solution itself to cloud hosting. cloud was launched back in 2016, but it has gone from strength-to-strength since results.

Magento Commerce Benefits of Cloud:

Built on Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure – one of the most powerful server infrastructure and reliable in the world
Production increased speed of deployment – including increased magnification and full of static content run on-demand with page requests
Enhanced security – implementing Digital Marketing Company Sheffield Web Application Firewall (WAF), which is designed to protect the web store from the most common security risks.

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