Are you struggling to find brand mentions online? We know it can be difficult. According to the Internet Live Stats, over 64,000 GB per second of traffic is added to the internet. However, there is a quick tool to prevent you from losing valuable brand mentions!

Google gives you easy access Digital Marketing Company Southampton to the tools of digital public relations. It allows you to enter commands simple site to find links and key phrases from your PR. Have you ever used Google’s simple search, but found a lot of irrelevant results?

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The following google search commands help avoid situations and save time when Google tracking you mention:

  1. Using quotes will enable you to find the exact phrase of your PR campaign. For example, imagine you own a flower shop called In Bloom. You can search for the company name “In Bloom” into your Google search bar, this will ensure you all the results you include your brand name.

Use the quote-to-track-PR-campaign

  1. Link: show sites that have linked to your page. Of course, the exchange out examples of our flower shop for your website. Monitoring brand mentions that link your page should be an important aspect of SEO strategies or campaigns run by your SEO agency. Thus, this is a google search warrant is a good one to remember.

Search-brand-mentioned link-example

  1. Typing ” In Bloom ” will narrow your search to find all the brands you mention in BBC’s website. For example, if you see that a journalist from the BBC read email your homework. You can then search the BBC to see if they use your homework. This is a useful way to monitor the press mentions.


  1. You can also use the In Bloom’untuk find bloggers who have mentioned you. Perhaps, you want to track mentions of your brand from domains with high authority? If so, replace the word blog for gov or edu. Keep in mind, you can also filter your search by time or location.


  1. There is another way to tap into conversations around your brand. Just search for your brand name, followed by ‘-
    Of course, you’ll need to exclude sites and social media on your own page. Just add the ‘site:’ followed by social media sites to find media mentions. alternative-brand-mention-tracking


How do you keep track of media mentions through BuzzSumo?

Create an account with BuzzSumo

Click ‘research content’ on the top left side

Click ‘backlinks’ from the pull-out tab

Type the URL that you want to track

BuzzSumo will be a useful tool to track media mentions. On the left, there is a list of websites that have been associated with your homework. On the right, you will see a total of engagements were broken up by the media. For example, you can track the number of links. You can also see the involvement of the social media generated from this link.
Another way to track Google mention is to set up several Google alerts. Google alerts are very useful as for tracking link (stop following) brand mentions, although the results for the follow-states will also appear.

In this example, imagine that Digital Marketing Companies Southampton florists do a PR stunt by providing interest free of charge for a few homeless people on their wedding day. Florists, In Bloom, it can set up a Google alert to monitor their brand mentions online.

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