What have we bookmarked: Top 7 Web design application
In the past what we bookmarking ‘our shared 6 social media management tool of our favorites. This time it was our turn to share some Flo designer web design tool that is used and Digital Marketing Companies Newcastle the application that will help inspire you, saving you time and help your workflow:

Some time ago, some of my colleagues asked me what I use most applications design. I have a long list, but if you are a designer, this is a ‘must have’ in my opinion.


no.1 Muzli
Muzli is the new chrome-tab extension. I want to stay inspired and find new things every day and Muzli is the right tool for that. I have tried several other tools in the past (new ProductHunt extensions tab and momentum) but no one came close. Try it, it’s free and bring the best websites related design together.

Price: Free

Download for Chrome


Pocket no.2
It took several years and many applications to find the best ‘save for later’ tool for my needs. There are many applications on the market that do the same thing but many of them have unnecessary features in my opinion. I just wanted to save links, articles or pages, tagging and Bob is your uncle. It syncs with my phone so I can check stuff in there as well. Seamless design between browsers, desktop and mobile application it was just awesome. Get it here, he has a free plan as well.

Price: Free or Premium Pocket $ 4.99 / mo

Download for Chrome

no.3 Dropbox
After trying applications such as Cloud App Mega, Droplr and Jumpshare, there is only one application that has it all and does it well: backup, version control, share files quickly and easily, the disk space is decent, it’s all free – what more could you want? If more than 400 million is not enough to entice you, then what?

Price: Free or Subscribe

Download for Mac


no.4 F.lux
This is probably one of the best applications ever made (IMHO). I was a Microsoft Windows user back then (never again) when about 6-7 years ago, my friend Val told me about this. This is a small application that changes the screen luminosity and color. Try it for a week and then turn it off and you’ll see a big difference. It is especially nice at night when you’re browsing like crazy or read a lot.

When designing, you can turn it off or set it to ignore certain applications, so it will not affect Sketch or Photoshop.

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Price: Free

Download for Mac

Hemingway App

no.5 Hemingway
I know about this application some time ago of this article by Tobias van Schneider. English is not my first language and this application has helped me improve my writing (at least slightly). This is an online text editor that gives you tips when you write a long sentence. It has some nice features such as word count and the estimated time of reading.

Price: Free (in the browser) / $ 9.99 Desktop application (Mac & Windows

Try now


Sip no.6
As a designer I work with a lot of color, believe it or not: P. Sip is a small application for Mac OS that allows you to choose the color of your screen. It copies the HEX code and also the names of the colors for you. Pretty cool and useful.

Price: Free or Sip Pro $ 9.99

Download for Mac


7 Sketch
After talking about tools for inspiration, file sharing and colors, it’s time to tell you about a tool I spent most of the time use and it is of Bohemian Coding Sketch. It has been almost a year since I actually moved to Sketch for all of my UI work. I will not go back to Photoshop or Illustrator or other software I’ve tried. Sketches are the best I’ve ever used by a country mile; It’s simple, fast lighting and have a Digital Marketing Company Newcastle clutter-free UI. I’m waiting to see how the new baby Adobe Project Comet will appear though. I may switch back, you never know (:

Download for Mac (only)


Bonus application – Spotify
Almost everyone knows this one. I included because I think music brings everything together. I listen to a lot of music when I work so it makes sense to include Spotify in this list.

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