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Work experience is a remarkable journey packed with exciting opportunities and a sense of total freedom and flexibility over your own destiny. Basically, the more you put into your work placement, the more you will take.

As I made my way down the line Central heaving, travel to Holborn, I was both nervous and apprehensive about what to expect from my first week in Climb online.

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When I walked in shyly on Monday morning extra keen to make a good first impression I was invited to my first motivation session Monday. The team made me feel extra welcome and I knew from the beginning that online Climb is a place that people enjoy working with a warm, refreshing tight-knit working community.

The main challenge faced by many people on work experience fails to be proactive in their approach. Since becoming part of the team, I have to try extra hard to pursue the tasks regardless of the scale or sector, all this back on my own. The team has been very good to me, I am setting a variety of interesting, thought the task as well as taking time out of their busy schedule to teach me the basic skills in the field of digital marketing.

Perhaps my favorite part of working in online Climb is the platform they provide individuality and creativity. It’s a fantastic feeling to be able to write and complete tasks with freedom in a way that you feel works best, with no pressure on you to write in a certain way from peers.

Still relatively new to Ascend Online team, I was just on my fifth day and has gifted some great opportunities. I have had a total of four sessions, sitting on a client review meeting with the former Apprentice winner Tom Pellerau and challenged with a variety of tasks to complete. I have been really impressed by the level of online Climb faith has been put in me, because most of the work has made a real difference for client projects.

The task I have enjoyed most so far the task of writing creates. I was asked to design a total of 15 posts on Twitter and Facebook where I need to reach out and make posts that are relevant to a specific target audience. It is a challenge, but after some research I could carefully craft a tweet that appeal to a target demographic. I bent positive feedback for this because it is a nice boost confidence in the early stages of my journey Climb Online.

As I enter my second week in the Online Climb, I am very happy with the situation I find myself in. I loved every minute of working here, learned so many new skills and become more familiar with marketing life. I’ve had a series of interesting tasks lined u Digital Marketing Companies in Newcastle for next week and hope to learn and move forward during the next three months.

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