Brand on Twitter: Viral Marketing

It’s no secret that Twitter has tremendous marketing value. As one of the most popular platforms of social media and internet marketing, Twitter allows brands and people Digital Marketing Agency in Sheffield together to reach a very large audience by chiming in on trending topics, using strategic hashtags, and participate in community outreach. If done properly, a simple tweet can go viral in mere minutes.

While I understand that the brand tries to portray a positive outward appearance, I personally find that to be very tedious, not to mention that you will never go viral by playing it safe. Some of the most entertaining tweets that I’ve seen come from brands that deviate from what you expect them to say. With that said, here are three of the funniest and greatest tweets from brands that have some degree of exposure to the virus.

Taco Bell. If you have not noticed, Taco Bell spent a LOT of marketing budget trying to attract the younger demographic, especially the millennium, and their Twitter account is no exception. In a platform flooded with memes and snarky comments, Taco Bell has managed to establish itself as quickly dumb, one-ship force to be reckoned with. In 2012, the fast food giant had exchanges with Old Spice, a company known for its unique approach to messaging. Old Spice opened fire at “fire sauce” Taco Bell and materials. Taco Bell responded with sarcasm that makes Old Spice see flat out stupid. Both companies have since engaged in many exchanges on Twitter, all of which have greatly increased their exposure to Twitter.

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Pizza Hut UK. In February this year, always showing off  West took to social media to announce to the world’s financial problems. I’ve never been one to laugh at the misfortunes of others, but something about  West are in the $ 53 million in debt just warmed my heart. For several days Twitter rant,  revealed that he desperately needed money to “bring ideas to the world more beautiful.” While I am not sure if something does fall into the category of “beautiful”, that’s how I describe the response of Pizza Hut England. In a series of tweets absolutely hysterical, Pizza Hut offers  some “dough” and jobs. Pizza chain even used Photoshop to change the life of Pablo album cover to resume  West. urged kept them from their rap star received a large influx of retweets and favorites, so that adds to both their Twitter presence, and, in the end the business, they are.

. More and more often, brands are using Twitter as a customer service tool. This is what gives them the ability to engage customers, competitors, and whomever they want on such a wide scale. While brands like Old Spice and Taco Bell might be quite nice, nothing compares to , a sports news website. Long before the presidential campaign,  feels the need to send a congratulatory tweet to publication on the situation of Manti Te’o. In an act of what I assume is checked, boiling hatred, sports publications expressing their disinterest by Trump.

Okay, so maybe this one has a little less marketing value of other examples, but come on, that’s funny. So what does all this have to do with marketing, you ask? Easy – Digital Marketing Company Sheffield With the explosion of social media and virality, the brand has been given a brand new opportunity to market themselves. With tolling on the top trends on Twitter, hashtags and topics, certain brands have been able to receive a large number of impressions on the platform.