Chatbots is that people interact with the program through the chat box. They are built to automatically respond to incoming messages. Chatbots programmed to respond in the same way every time, and they can adapt their responses to fit a particular situation using machine learning. For example, when we send a question Digital Marketing Company Southampton or tell the bot to do something, he will take the appropriate action. Bot found on platforms such as Facebook Messenger, text messaging, and digital Slack workspace.

Why does your company need one? Well, people are now using a messenger over social networking applications. More than two billion messages sent between companies and people every month. As a business, this application where you want to build online.

Chatbots is essentially digital employee who can answer easily, frequently asked questions from customers as quickly as possible. They also can operate limited conversation while humans can only deal with two or three conversations at a time. By utilizing the human and bot, your business will be a further boost itself into a new market.

If your business get countless questions, use marketing tactics like chatbot messages Facebook messenger is very helpful. By having chatbot messages as the initial contact, the bot can direct customer calls to humans only when necessary.

conversational marketing, a form of marketing where businesses listen to their customers’ needs, is now as important as ever for chatbots. Bot assist customers in selecting the right products or services to their needs and interactive. This means your business can reach more people at the same time, thus improving customer service.

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In February 2017, Dominos pizza chain in the United States launched chatbot messages, named Dom, Facebook Messenger who took delivery orders. All you have to do is kind of PIZZA or send pizza emoji in the chat box, click send, and a menu will appear from which you can order from! In the past, users have to create a profile of Domino before they can be booked via the Facebook Messenger but now can order anyone of Dom!

Retail giant H & M has developed a bot for the messaging application Kik. This bot asks customers what their tastes in style. Once a response is received then the bot will make the outfit directed on customer preferences. This bot also allows users to share their favorite items of clothing, and the bot will collect the pieces of the catalog of H & M to design the entire wardrobe. Not only bot helps you make the clothes, but also allows you to browse the voice and clothes made by other users. It’s your own personal stylist!

Similarly, eBay has a virtual shopping assistant they call ShopBot that help customers to find the products they are looking for on eBay. By asking questions that customers are required to answer, it can save them a lot of time looking for EBay to their ideal product. In addition, eBay uses Facebook Messenger bot to provide a timely reminder to the customer that the auction was to end – thus, pushing last minute deals.

In order to create a chat bot itself, one would need to know what kind of problems you will solve the bot, the bot what social network you would stay, what to run on the server and what services should be used to build a bot.

You do not need to know how to code in order to create a chatbot messages. Chatfuel platform makes it easy for anyone to create their own bot. Bot made using Chatfuel can share content to your followers automatically collect information using the form Digital Marketing Companies Southampton in Facebook messenger, and let the user requesting the information. It also provides Artificial Intelligence technology for scripting interactive conversation and to give the correct response to the request.

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