In the expanding world of virtualization, social media and technology – for parents, you now have to be more careful than ever to the security and privacy of your teen. Thousands Digital Marketing Agencies Newcastle of apps are connected to one another are produced every week and introduced into both the Google Play and Apple’s App Store, now that a lot of applications to compete with!

Now it goes without saying but not all applications make it in the long run due to various reasons. However, let me tell you about the greatest tweens, teens, kids and preteens have been using:

Kik Messenger:
• Do laden with ads, has a blog communities that may cause hazards Foreign Cyber-type scenario

• Writing shareable / accessible by tapping the button

• Allows users to send any image
• users can screenshots

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• This app is disguised calculator but rather serves as a secret vault photo.

• An online chat website that promotes free anonymous chat with strangers

Hot or not:
• Strangers assess your profile.
• The purpose is to cause a hookup.

• App is designed to “friends of make in Snapchat” but is being exploited as a teenager dating service.

• An application that allows users to compare anything

• An anonymous application in which the creators promote the sharing of secrets and meet new people.

• Can easily create fake accounts.
• Many bot.

• Ask the question anonymously.
• It has been associated with severe forms of cyber bullying.

Now as I said, this is the most popular. Number many other applications available on the open market featuring various combinations of those mentioned above.

Did I miss something?

You might think “Damn! Did I miss something? ” And the simple answer is ‘yes’, yes you did miss something, and so did this ceo of this application.

You know how most of the toys with small parts or objects are printed with a health warning that states something like “Choking Hazard – Toy contains marbles. Not for children under 3 years. “? Well I do, so where a disclaimer on this application for a potential threat to our children? The answer is ‘Nowhere’.

At what age should I let my children to use social media?

Although there are social media applications that are targeted to 10-12 year-old (some even as low as 6 years old Ie Facebook Messenger for Kids!), Studies show that children begin to better understand the people, their environment and lifestyle with 13 – which is the minimum age for users of Facebook and Instagram.

Although there is a minimum age requirement rules in place, there is no legitimate way to check whether the user lies on his or hers age.

Children do not have to actually turn off of this technology throughout the youth and their education, but may be educated about the dangers that surround social media platforms when they finally want to register.

what age are children accessing social media services?

In 2013, conducted a nationwide study to explore various fields of social media and the use of related technologies to determine the median of usage among young Australians:

• Their research showed that 45% of 8-11 year olds use social media networking sites. Keep in mind, the majority of those users accessing the service whilst in another room, at a friend’s house or away from direct parental supervision.

• About 95% of children aged 8-11 years have accessed the Internet in the last four weeks, with almost all Digital Marketing Company Newcastle who have accessed the Internet at some point in there life. (This is not just a social media service)

The study describes the use of the device and the fact that social media is becoming more common in younger age groups.

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