Collection of the Best Websites and SEO Checker and Analysis Software
Understanding why your site does not attract enough visitors or how to increase visitors you are getting is the key to making your business website is a “revenue generating machine”. There are a large number of free tools to analyze your website, check Digital Marketing Company Bath optimization (SEO) of your website or analyzing the market and competitors. Digital NRG, a digital marketing agency of the fastest growing in the UK, has compiled a list of the best free tools for your use. Below is a list of tools, how to use it and why they will benefit your business.
Many analyzes and checker tool is provided by Google. You may be asking yourself “why Google will provide these tools”? Google has become the center of the digital world power of search engines by focusing on one thing – the user experience. Google wants everyone to use their search engine to find the answers that are highly relevant to the search query. This means that for every search log in to Google, they want to show the website to find the exact answer. What this means for you is that if you can make your website highly relevant to your market, you will rank above the competition. This also means that Google has a website to display in front of the user and you get the benefit of the traffic for that search or search.

Free Tools to Analyze Your Website
Ensure that the user experience on your own site is the best can be the first task. If another user choose to click on your website and slow to load or difficult to read on their devices – they will click away from your website. It has a number of negative effects. First, you have to lose visitors and potential customers. Second, Google measures the percentage of people who visit your website and then go again (called “bounce rate). A high bounce rate is an indication that your site is not relevant to the user to search it, and your ranking will suffer accordingly.
We have compiled the three best free tools for analyzing user experience of your website:

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Free Website Tools – Page Speed ​​Checker
Google PageSpeed ​​Insights reports about the real-world performance pages for mobile devices and desktop and give suggestions on how the page could be improved. Measuring the load speed of your website as if it was being used on a desktop / laptop and mobile devices, such as smartphones, and gives you value for each.
Page load speed has for several years is an important factor for users. In the spring of 2018, Google has now made it one of the important factors to how your website ranks in the search engines.
PageSpeed ​​Insights evaluate how well the page following the general performance best practices and calculates a score from 0-100. Evaluate if the page can improve its performance in two areas:

while above-the-fold load: Elapsed time from the moment a user requests a new page for the moment over half of the content rendered by the browser. The “above the fold” a term related to what users can see on their screens as the site loads, without having to scroll.
time to full page load: Elapsed time from when the user asks for a new page when the page is fully rendered by the browser. It is the size of the entire page loading. What the user sees above the fold and what they can then scroll down to view.
The score is categorized as one of the “Good”, “Medium” or “Low”.

Good: This page is valid for best practice performance and there is little need for further optimization. Website or page a score of 80 or above.
Medium: This page is missing Digital Marketing Companies Bath some performance optimisations common and there is some room for optimization. Score pages of the site between 60 and 79.
Low: page is not optimized for speed and should look to improve the speed optimization. Score between 0 and 59 pages.

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