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One of the major benefits that come with using a PIM solution is capable of ensuring that all your data is present and correct. In , this is known as the ‘completeness’, when all Digital Marketing Company Newcastle of your product data and attributes have been filled.

What completeness?
Completeness is one merchant value can be used to show how to enrich their product data across all channels or certain regions.

Completeness value is a percentage. Completeness of the product is calculated by comparing the number of necessary attributes have been filled by local of each channel with the total number of attributes required for the local channels on it.

For example, if the PIM you have ‘e-commerce’ channel to ‘English (GB)’ local, which has four attributes necessary – if only one of the necessary attributes have been rated, completeness to it that local channels will be 25%.

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attribute settings
the required attributes are setup for each family in the Family section under the Attributes tab. This tab will have a grid with attributes and the side channels at the top, and each cell in the grid will have a checkbox for each combination of attributes and Channel.


Ticking the check boxes specify that the attributes required, and unticking determine that. Attribute should be set as required when you are sure that they would be required to locally from a specific channel.

For example, if ‘e-commerce’ Data export your product line to an e-commerce website, and you want each product on the website to have a description (for all local), then the description would be necessary attributes.

Values ​​of completeness by channel
Each product has a separate fittings for different channels, and then each channel has a separate value for each local completeness.

For example, if the PIM you have two channels – e-commerce and mobile – and three local – English (GB), German and French – each product will have a value of 6 for completeness, for each of the three local will have a value of completeness for each each of the two channels.

After the product has a complete 100%, the trader can see at a glance that all available data fields have been completed in all the available channels them – provide a much more enriched experience for their customers.

To view the total provision for all products in a variety of different channels and local, you can do so in the ‘activities’ of PIM.

If you want to see the completion of a single product in a variety of different channels and local, you can do so in the ‘Products Edit’ screen for a particular product.

completeness refreshed (recalculated) after a specific action takes place in the PIM:

after the import
After the mass action
Once the rules are executed
Once you edit your family
Once the product is stored
There is also a console command that Digital Marketing Company in Newcastle can be used to refresh completeness.

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