How to upscale quickly, manage customers and also think long term.
While the health of our loved ones is the best in our minds during the anomaly, if you run or own a Digital Marketing Company in Bournemouth economic impact of the Coronavirus is a serious consideration.

We’ve talked to our clients and the business generally fall into two camps. The first is a business that has temporarily had to close their doors as directed lockdown, staff leave and try to continue the online sales if the staff and suppliers can be available and operating.

The other camp has seen massive advances to their products or services, and busier than ever, even struggling to keep up with orders and customer requests. If you are lucky enough to be in this camp, how can you top class business quickly and in some cases urgent?

In addition, you do not want to miss the opportunity to keep new clients or at least be able to market your business to them in the long run when things get back to normal.

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Meme ‘fail to prepare, prepare to fail’ may be out the window if you are already a busy silly overnight. Chances are that you already do not have time to make plans and procedures in place and while the priority is to get the orders are fulfilled and shipped, think about managing customers, both existing and new, and how you can keep this new relationship.

Here are some pointers that could help you to upscale activities of your business quickly, while managing customer expectations.

A quick solution is to see if any part of your operations that can be outsourced to relieve some of the pressure. With many companies are less busy or seriously affected by the Coronavirus they may be able to help and welcome the business.

Think about the business aspects can be outsourced, for example accounting services. While you get the order fulfillment and dealing with customers, you can use a self-employed bookkeeper or accountant? For additional administration or answering a call, virtual assistant may be able to help.

A fulfillment center warehouse can relieve some of the pressure as well, especially if you do not have space for additional product and they will take care of all shipping concerns as well. Could that be the ideal solution to upscale quickly while increasing sales but keep costs at manageable levels.

If you’re selling online, set up eCommerce now could be an option. While not a quick fix of good opportunities to take this time when the company’s web design / developer may be less busy.

During this time, many customers are turning to social media for much of their information. They may want to know / inquire about your current service or product, or even just to stay in touch. That’s why posting on social media is important to let people know what your organization can and can not do now. If you do not have time for this, customer service management social media could be the answer and let an outside agency make social media work you for your presence.

temporary staff
If you can not outsource part of your operation, a lot of important business is advertising and hiring temporary staff. While the government to help very large, there are people who are looking for work or those who want to help if your business supports the community, essential or charity worker.

Up Games E-commerce
If this is something that you always wanted to do and your website is not currently take orders online, it’s not too late, has the potential to get this working right now. Furthermore, looking Digital Marketing Companies in Bournemouth to continue the good investment to have a long-term anyway. Selling online is not always quickly set up but even if you look to do a temporary solution that means you do not lose the sale and the current request.

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