How to Audit Your 2020 Marketing Strategy

Having a bit of time on your hands? In the world of digital marketing, a lot of us. While appearing end was in sight, many still waiting to do so why not put it to use your time worthwhile? Today we want to share How to Audit Your 2020 Marketing Strategy. While Digital Marketing Agencies in Sheffield a full audit after the first quarter is not the normal procedure for most, this is not a normal year.

Taking the time to do the analysis now can help you find and weak spots right along with the search for new ideas and different solutions to employ not only the rest of this year but next year as well. With the potential for a second slower and the 3rd quarter, it makes sense to focus on being as efficient as possible.

Audit Your Marketing Strategy in 2020

Website Audit – All the benefits of a tune-up because of the time of use, there is natural wear and tear. This happens just as much in the digital world as well as the real world, though in different ways. There are many things that can change from time to time that will hurt the overall user experience because they add. Take the time to do a complete audit of the website to see the content, links, CTA button, the page loading speed, and overall site performance. site audit and regular maintenance is the key to maximizing the conversion rate.

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SEO Audit – Audit An SEO basically is where you compare the current strategy used and keywords to the current search trends, trends versus when they are selected. Focus on the best content appears as a strong indicator of how the current trends related to your own content. Also, review and update your previous research to see how things have changed as the overall search volume or competition for words. SEO strategies need to be fluid, and part of it is due to the reactive nature of SEO.

Survey – With some people have more time on their hands, they may be more amenable to complete a customer survey. This provides an excellent opportunity to gather useful data today along with gain a better insight into your customers including their problems and pain points. Some information may soon be able to be used, while the rest may help in building a better buyer personas for campaigns in the future.

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Operational Audits – When evaluating a strategy, it is also important to take time to assess the various players in the game. A good audit should focus on productivity and look for areas to improve. Finding a way to free up time with automation and technology should be the primary goal. Also, consider increasing the skills of your team to make them more effective as individuals.

Compliance – Many people do not take the time to think about compliance until they are being sued or having problems with the license bureau for non-compliance. Both cases of stress and annoying, which is why the compliance audit should be included as a step in the overall audit. Are all the software used properly licensed? Is your business website in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities (ADA) standards? Are all the images are credited right? There are aspects of compliance and accessibility that do fall under the umbrella of digital marketing as a department is usually in charge of content and access to media and promotion.

When Audit Strategy – Last but not least, take the time to review the current strategy given everything learned during the audit. After setting up the website, update keywords, get more customer data, and improving automation and efficiency, it can also improve Digital Marketing Agency in Sheffield strategy as well? Rather than looking to stand pat, focusing on maximizing the best aspects of a strategy and spend fewer resources on areas that do not produce the desired results.


The bottom line is that your Audit 2020 Marketing Strategy is a good idea. Every business should spend more time auditing strategies to maximize performance.