Sometimes the hardest part of any kind of online presence or a growth strategy for your website not only get traffic but also how you convert traffic to do something after their visit. People have short attention spans these days with the advent of social Digital Marketing Company in Bath media so if you live do not have what they need, they will be gone before you can get the best sales pitch out of the bag. First impressions count and your website should be a reflection of your business and brand profile. At the end of your website should be an extension of the marketing plan and the broad center of your digital strategy. With these three simple techniques you will learn how you can increase conversions on your website.

Create Goals and Measure Results
Usually businesses and small business owners do not have much of a plan after they launched their website. Time can also play a large part as a business owner you are usually juggling several hats at once to keep your business running smoothly. One simple thing you can do is develop some goals for your website and track your results. Not only will it provide an understanding of how your site is performing, but will allow you to search for ways to improve your content, images, design and flow of your site. Some simple ways you can achieve this:

Any time you or a sales person receives a call directly asked where they heard about you from eg whether it is your website? Dig deeper and find out how they got to your website. Keep track of every call as you may begin to see patterns of how people find you. If there is something that works invest money into it and track your return on investment. Perhaps those who find you through social media, Google search results or paid

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Read advertising. If you can find a favorable cost vs. return for your business on the strategies that work makes sense to invest time and money into it.
Use Google Analytics. It’s free and is a useful tool to find out where your website traffic comes from, how long they stay and what pages on your website they visit. It will equip you with information about what potential customers are doing and why they are or are not converting
First Impressions Count
How do business people understand and can have a lasting impact in the mind of someone making a purchase decision. Some simple things you can do to ensure you do not lose potential customers:

Make your website mobile. More than 50% of people now use their phones to browse and buy products services. If you are not mobile friendly you are missing out on a large piece of potential customers
Make your website fast. Speed ​​is one of the most important factors in converting visitors and also help your search engine rankings
Analyze your competitors and always trying to improve what they do
What’s in it for me?
There is so much information online these days you need to tell your potential customers what’s in it for them. You need to translate sales and marketing to your website to translate what you are doing and to attract visitors. Some simple ways to do this include:

Create a consistent call to action throughout your website that asks / tells the customer what to do – for example call you, email you, buy it
Develop a landing page that makes the mouthpiece of your call to action. simple landing pages that deliver concise messages and offer customers something in return is a perfect example. You can then easily track who visits and when they convert.
Some of our favorite landing pages include:

Unbounce – It’s quite obvious they should have a good landing page as that’s what they do, but this is a prime Digital Marketing Agencies in Bath example of what to show on the landing page, and how you should structure it.