Did you know that Google changes its search algorithm around 500-600 times a year? If you are a digital Digital Marketing Agencies Sheffield marketer, then you probably did. Some changes may just be minor tweaks, but others can really keep you awake at night and seriously shake the SERPs.

The algorithm Google EAT update is a great example of how Google changes the way it ranks websites and even if it was not as big splash as other updates, it came with important implications that you should know.

This update of the algorithm comes with their own guidelines, which were published in the search for Google Quality Guidelines Evaluator. These are used to clean appraisers Google rankings for their work, but they can also give you insider information on what they want in high-quality pages and how websites can get better results, which will help with your SEO rankings and effort.

This document is strong enough, so in this blog, we summarized that this algorithm update, effects on search and what you can do to ensure that your site continues to perform well, get a visibility on Google search results and drive traffic to your business.

You do not want to read all this? Skip to the bits you need here:

What E-A-T The update of the Google algorithm?
What are the characteristics of high quality pages have?
How to implement the E-A-T guidelines Google
What E-A-T The update of the Google algorithm?
Last month, Google announced an update wide base, which mostly affected sites that were in the health, fitness, nutrition, wellness, and medical industries in terms of seeing the losses in rankings. These types of sites are often known as YMYL site “Your Money, Your Life.

For this reason, the update has been dubbed the “update Google Medic”, but other sectors such as e-commerce and business also has great changes.

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Unfortunately (and annoying!) With all the updates to the Google algorithm, they do not really say what they do and, in general, their response on how to deal with losses in the ranking remains vague. No you can do or “fix” as such. Just keep writing and optimize high quality content!

But what constitutes a “high quality content”? Google defines as content that has “a beneficial purpose and this goal well. “This is the Google E-A-T guidelines come and that means that your content should express:

Expertise – how well informed the owner of the site or the author of the content on the subject they are talking about. This is particularly important for YMYL sites mentioned above, not so much for gossip sites and the like.
Authoritativeness – the credibility of the content editing site such as credentials, reviews and testimonials outside.
Trust – looks at how the website Digital Marketing Company in Sheffield is trustworthy, the security of the overall quality of the site and the site.

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