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The topic for the first week is the ‘Social Media Marketing Ideas for Small Business’ and Neil and I dove into many strategies, tips, and tricks for a new start small-scale businesses and brands.

Neil has some amazing insight into Digital Marketing Agencies in Sheffield this issue. He mentioned that some of the common mistakes most new businesses do is:

They post too often. It is better to send frequently if you have great content, the more, the better. But in the case of mediocre content, which got no involvement, posting very often does not make sense. It later became a post-by-post.
Life will not often to increase engagement. Features go Live now available on multiple platforms, so make the most of it, and increase your reach.
They do not post content natively. For example, if the YouTube video posting amazing, they just post the same URL on Facebook to share. Instead, post the video on Facebook and increase views.
Neil has so much more interesting outlook for the new business, and we discussed:

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How does the business with a low budget and resources growing social media?
How should the brand approached Influencer Marketing?
Facebook Pages vs. Facebook Group vs Facebook Messenger
And much more!
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