Celebration that would come with a tease and a date for the workplace, as a new study by Reboot Digital has revealed that you are more than twice as likely to start an office romance during the cold winter months.

Digital Reboot speak to a professional about love Digital Marketing Agencies Bournemouth launched several saucy statistics.

For example, Digital Reboot found that 45% of survey participants had dated a co-worker at some point in their professional lives, with 12% admitting that they have dated their boss.

However, according to the study, most bosses do not agree to woo the workplace, 26% of employers state that they would prefer their staff not to date each other.

The study found that as soon as the temperature cools down outside, things hot up in the office. A whopping 66% of office workers claim that their love began during the winter. In fact, a total of 31% of the first kiss between colleagues took place at the office Christmas party, possibly because of a deadly mix mulled wine and mistletoe.

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Because of company policy on office romance, or just a general desire to adhere to the etiquette of the workplace, 38% of employees have kept their date down-low. Tabu working relationship even further, with 20% of office flings involving a married couple.

This may explain why there is not always a happy ending for employees lured us, with 6% admitted that they had lost their jobs as a liaison. A further 9% have been encouraged to leave their jobs because of irreconcilable relationships with coworkers.

“I started out with a guy from our finance department. It would be good for a couple of months, until I began to see another side to him. He became possessive and a general ‘glass half empty’ kind of guy. When I finally broke up I think I only saving grace would be that we work in different departments, and do not need to see each other that much at work. My ex took every opportunity to call me; of asking how to use a new coffee machine, to demand the email addresses of other peers. Things got worse when it comes to our work Christmas do. He saw me talking to a male colleague and began telling everyone how I left him because she did not make enough money ‘. Luckily for him I was going to interested in my work as my save our relationship – I quickly found a new place “Catrina A, 26, Recruitment Officer.

“I worked as a realtor for several years, and at that time, I began secretly dating a coworker. When sexual tension gets too much in our office will arrange to meet in a home vendor, when we know they will come out, and we will do the deed. Another colleague caught wind of what we were doing and, to kill my chances of promotion, a superior told us about it all. Needless to say, that ended my foray into real estate. ” Rob, 34, HR Executive.

“My employer really strict about dating colleagues and say it interferes too much with our work. So, when I started dating a guy a few tables away we decided not to tell a soul. We will often send a naughty message back and forth via email with the subject heading flashy, until one day I received a team-wide message from my manager asked someone to “make hard copy” of the report to the next meeting. Instead of forwarding this to my secret lover with a mischievous response, I hit “reply to all” – said the rest of my team that I can make something else hard if they want to. I still cringe about it to this day! ” Sara M, 32, Marketing Executive.

“I recently started my job as a project coordinator, when I really started hitting it off with female co-worker. Our casual dating and, as these things do, spread the word around the Digital Marketing Company Bournemouth office. Little did I know that he is also the date of my neighbors table … for 2 years! It gets a little awkward after that. ” Dillon S, 25, Project Co-ordinator.

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