The program is the future of digital marketing! Simon Penson from Zazzle Media gives us an explanation of the Digital Marketing Agencies Southampton program marketing, advertising and media buying.


  1. Any marketing program and how does it work?
  2. What is the difference between advertising and program content marketing program?
  3. Back in the days of MySpace, the rapper songs you’ll find on this Penson Simon’s profile?
  4. How do local businesses cash in on the program?
  5. Where the program fits into the marketing landscape today and the future?
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Do not tell your competitors, but programmed is the next big thing in digital marketing!

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Simon is the Founder and Managing Director from Zazzle Media-digital content marketing agency in the UK, not the e-commerce gift shop) which is now part of a network of IPG. At Zazzle, Simon specializes in building public value for its clients, from the channel search, social and influencers. He’s also a bit of an authority on all matters of the program.

After reading the article it really thorough in program delivery, we are super keen to have this little chat. Simon did a great job explaining the program and program content marketing ad buying / media in layman’s terms, that is very helpful for us were a little lost on the subject ??

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marketing program refers to automatic bidding on advertising space in real time, for the chance to show ads to specific customers, in certain contexts.

Think of the program as a way to advertise and share content in a manner similar to social platforms such as Facebook. That is, the marketer to target audience is not based on keywords or web sites they visit, but on a more comprehensive heap of data that includes their desires, needs and actions.

the program deals with the algorithm. algorithm operates during the auction deals milliseconds long as loading a web page.

To best illustrate the process of marketing the program, here’s an example:

Dave was looking for a donut shop online. He came across an article on The Best Donuts in Australia and click on it.
This article goodfood publisher may have some information stored in Dave Letter Data Management Platform.
Goodfood will send the relevant info Dave’s ad server, to see if they have a campaign that want to target him.
If the campaign found that match, then the ad is shown to Dave. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.
If no campaign on this server directly targeting Dave, then turned into a marketing program.

Dave took the server browser info, the site’s URL and type of ad for the selected bidder, including traders and ad networks.
Each bidder has its own algorithm, evaluate the request based on data from Dave, their own targeting criteria and budget.
Once evaluated, the algorithm selects the optimum creative bidder (which may be simple or little ads relevant content) and places a bid.
Demand-Side Platform (DSP) which advertisers are lurking, looking for specific types of people and spruiking what they are willing to pay for each.

On the other hand, the Supply-Side Digital Marketing Companies Southampton Platform (SSPS) is where publishers and media owners to hang out, show off their empty ad space and Dave share relevant data.

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