Before you start thinking ‘I can not even wrap my head around the complexity of marketing, now you bring psychology into the ring?!’


It is actually very important to wrap your head around psychology before you step into the world of Digital Marketing Companies Nottingham . By that, I mean that it is very important to understand what makes people tick and how they operate. Understand why marketing and psychology go hand-in-hand marketing can take you from good to amazing. Why? Because the right audience is reading and engaging with your content and with it, comes the conversion, which is what is marketing point, right?

Base paint

Have you ever played a word association game? Where the person says a word and others respond immediately with the first thing that comes to mind?

It is very similar to how priming works. You are exposed to a concept, or stimulus, and this in turn, affects how you respond to other stimuli. For exle, people who see the word ‘yellow’ will be quicker to recognize the word ‘banana’ as the reference color. This happens because the two words are inextricably linked in memory. In addition, priming can also refer to a psychological technique that is used to train and to program one’s memory in both positive and negative ways.

This is very important in marketing, advertising, sales and basically any scenario in which you want to get people to react and think about how you want them.

What has this to do with marketing? Lots.

Using smooth priming technique can help visitors to your website to remember important information about your brand and even positively affect their buying behavior. Priming, in short, is to utilize the small details. This can range from having money background symbolizes your homepage to get people to buy the product, to apply the word associations to spread the psychological effect of subconscious into a person’s mind.

social proof

You will find that many marketers already realize this concept, but it was too important to abandon. If you are not familiar with it, social proof is the theory that people will follow, trust and adopt the ideology or action groups companies they like. Have you ever walked into a club or bar and find the dance floor must be completely empty? Many people will not want to be the first to go and dance, even after people started to fill the dance floor, more people will feel more comfortable and therefore more inclined to join. It is also called “me too” effect.

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The concept of ‘reciprocity’ at its core, is very simple – if someone does something for you, you feel more inclined to do something for them, pay the favor.

Getting mint with your bill at a restaurant is a classic exle of reciprocity. Mint plant a seed in your mind that makes you think ‘mint! How wise and the greater the quantity of mint (or generosity in general) more likely you are to the higher end (unless you’re a sociopath, so you have to be rich). In marketing, there are many ways to take advantage of this concept and it does not mean you have to bathe clients in expensive candy 24/7. You can give anything and feedback that will graciously recognized, branded t-shirts, coffee mugs and even stickers have been reported to be successful reciprocal movement. Also, the more personal the better, handwritten notes, personal emails, phone calls, learning Digital Marketing Company Nottingham someone’s name off-by-heart, all of these things add up and are sure to leave a positive mark.