As a rule loosen locks, and brand taking tentative steps to start trading again, it was interesting to see some Digital Marketing Agencies Southampton new changes, strategies and tactics that come into play to welcome this “new normal”

Here’s our take on all things digital as brands get ready to go “Back to Business”


Like most companies DIY, Homebase and B & Q have been keen to reach customers who use their spare time in lockdown to get familiar with their toolbox. They suddenly find themselves as the go-to resource when the public is bound to their homes and looking for tips, tricks, and ideas to spruce up their homes. DIY brands invest in content marketing through email and social media to encourage customers to visit their local branch. Consistent communication means that trust is built and a stronger connection formed. They are now using their digital strategy to emphasize the importance of social distancing measures required in the store to keep employees and customers safe as they go back to business as usual.


According to research from the company’s reputation Alva intelligence, this was a strategy that paid off in terms of brand perception. Data show that 81% of people feel positive about the couple’s approach is taken, while 18% are ‘neutral’. Only 1% felt negative towards the brand.

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our Take

Delight your customers with the unexpected. Take them on a trip and keep the story going on. Roadmap build content that can entertain, educate, and offer insight into your community.

Content marketing is a powerful approach to convey a clear message about your brand, how it was adapted in the current climate, and how do you prepare for the future.

With that said, do not create the content for the sake of content. Make it a personality. Delight your customers with the unexpected. Take them on a trip and keep the story going on. Roadmap build content that can entertain, educate, and offer insight into your community. Discover how you can create a personal video that excite your customers as you prepare to get back to business.


This week we look at Nestle employs a brand marketing manager through ticktock and McDonalds launched a voice-initiated application process first. Pre-pandemic, many brands are embracing more creative recruitment strategies.


Experiments global WFH accelerated by coronavirus has been made more urgent. As remote working becomes the norm as Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has confirmed the staff will be able to work from home “forever” even after the lockdown measures – brands need new ways to find and then connect their people.

our Take

As an agency we are ready and prepared to work remotely however, pre-pandemic, we always choose to be placed in the office. It works well for our company and our culture, like many others, prefer to cooperate, ideating, and work together in private. But as the industry began to take baby steps toward a new normal we have to ask ourselves the following questions. How can we get more involved with the people we want to attract? Digital new recruitment strategy can help us find new groups we may previously have been overlooked? And if hiring is not on the horizon, Playful virtual environment can help your employees to interact and network? Whatever happened to ‘work’, a brand will always be a number of people who make it. So they should always be in the middle of it.

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Story Brand-to-brand collaboration Digital Marketing Companies Southampton to cut through the noisy digital world and win in a match in the new world of marketing. Beauty Fenty announced a collaboration with buzzy bubble tea brand Cheeks Out Heytea to promote the new collection Fenty Beauty cream blush this.

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