Pages are very effective, so effective in fact that they were able to hide in plain site from unsuspecting consumers. So, what is a squeeze page? How do you identify one? Why are they so Digital Marketing Company Nottingham important? The list is almost endless. This article looks at what makes the squeeze page squeeze page and why they have become so important in the advertising industry and the market these days.

What is a Squeeze Page?

In short, a squeeze page is a landing page with the intent to capture email sign-up of potential viewers and / or subscribers. Thus, the ‘goal’ of a squeeze page is to persuade and convince – hence the term ‘squeeze’ – visitors to gifting website that one of the most important part of personal data: their email address.

What Makes a Good Squeeze Page

The name is not exactly shy away from what it’s trying to achieve. Smooth, not forcefully direct purpose of a squeeze page is to leave visitors wanting more, offering something that will ultimately benefit them and something they can not refuse.

Imagine you’re in the middle lane of the M23, and two trucks are slowly edging closer towards you, looking to squeeze you into slowing down or speeding up. That’s sort of how a squeeze page works ..

Sort of ..

Basically, you do not want to leave your golden gate to open a chicken farm, you do not want your beautiful golden chicken / potential clients to escape looking for their golden eggs on a happy farm. Weather should not be too complicated, in fact, the simpler the better. Good clients will want to sign up right away, or leave the page.

Keep Content Contained

Content on the squeeze page should discuss only the bare essentials. Fill your page with informative articles and testimonials great length and reviews will not work here, people do not want to see it. You focus on your offer, your offer is not novel. Think of it as a logline, synopsis of sorts, you tell them all they need to know and that’s it. Remember, you basically want to get internet-par with their lives here (email address / subscribe).

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How to Make Your Squeeze Page Enticing

The beauty of the squeeze page is that you can put whatever content you like on it, the beast is to know what will ultimately prove more valuable to your visitors than others. Here are some typical examples of their content, including:




Social media sign-up

If you are going to ask someone for something personal their email address, or any means of personal contact in this case it must be absolutely necessary for the offer. This is the basic guidelines that you should follow, according Kiss Metrics.

Local newspapers are the most recent example, I have watched Brighton The Argus asking viewers to register just to read an article.

It will not attract the attention of your potential readers to register (no disrespect to The Argus, but it was not enough to offer my beloved email address). this kind of lure used on any site with a lot many media, like video, quizzes, songs, etc., and it just was not worth signing for. However, if you would send your E-Book reader or trial month for Photoshop, for example, then it is much more reasonable and ‘fairer deal.’

Many of these squeeze pages that ask you to register to view the video does not seem to be clued on marketing, not at all. Consider this, I myself refuse to click on the article clickbait ‘because more often than not, the content was poor and’ reveal ‘not as interesting as the title is made. So, my point is that why I signed up to watch the video when I could just jump in to YouTube and see it for yourself?

Email Course – Arguably Best Bet

email course is a popular choice Digital Marketing Company in Nottingham for many reasons:

If the email is of course true will be valuable to users, it is not only.

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