You can have the most brilliant marketing strategy in the world, but if not applied correctly or with commitment, your business will suffer!
contributor to Harvard Business Review Neilson, Martin and Powers showed that two important factors in Digital Marketing Agencies Newcastle implementing effective strategies is the decision-making and information flow.

think about the decision and your marketing strategy: does it fit?
For example, not everyone in your business knows who is responsible for deciding which marketing activities take place when and where? Is the person who has the final word or someone who is uninformed about the direction of marketing you can override the decision? If the responsibility is yours, but you find yourself never get around to it, it’s time to delegate.

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cede decision-making to others: they have input into the plan … but leave the nuts and bolts to others.
The flow of information in your business also has a direct impact on your marketing strategy, in several ways. For example, it is possible to make sure your front line staff, such as serving customers, to easily keep you up to date about the trends they see or comments customers make. This can help you target your promotional efforts more accurate. If any customer mentioning how much they love the blue but really do not like green, you need to know about it! In the same way, your staff must understand how not to convey this kind of information can negatively impact your marketing efforts. Who makes Digital Marketing Company Newcastle the marketing decisions in your business? Are they fully informed of your overall marketing direction? Is your sales force and front provide input into your marketing strategy?

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