The consumer market continued to grow over the years and with the advent of internet shopping and marketing, it is more important that your brand has a good reputation. Reputation means everything from the quality of products and services, to customer Digital Marketing Company Southampton service you and in this day and age, a bad reputation can send your business revenues spiraling downwards.

Why should you care about reviews?
87% of people believe the reviews online as well as from family members or friends. This is the starting point for some customers. If a customer needs a product or service from a business they have not heard much about them tend to do two things ask a family member or friend and seeing reviews online. It gives them more of an idea if they can trust your brand and whether the quality of the product or service well worth their money.

When people tend to leave a review?
Generally, customers are most likely to leave reviews when they’ve had a bad experience, this is because the reviews were very common and depending on the nature can gather a lot of attention. For businesses of any size, it can be a little tricky to ease, but they need to be dealt with quickly. Facebook is now a great platform for businesses to build a customer community and keep people updated, also have a review section that allows people to post their thoughts are very open that it does not matter if the reviews are good but it can be bad for business if left untreated.

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How good reviews?
Unfortunately, customers who have an average to good experience not often tend to leave a review, because the level of service normally expected and they often forget that. If you already have a memorable experience and someone has gone out of their way to help the customers are more likely to leave a review but may need to be pushed to do so.

But I do not have any reviews!
Having little or no review can be off-putting to customers see a product or service, because it could mean your business is not established. This can cause potential customers to choose a competitor, especially if they have a review. The more customer information more they will be willing to spend their hard-earned money with you. Ask your customers to leave your review, giving them a card or a flyer with details on how they can leave a review, email your customers to ask for feedback. Every review helps.

To summarize, an important customer reviews and get a lot of good reviews might help you get more customers Digital Marketing Companies Southampton and improve your Google ranking! You have to deal with bad reviews effective, bury your head in the sand will not make it go away! Lastly, do not ask do not get, ask your customers to leave your review and feedback!

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