The whole world is online now. And you should too. People are more aware this time, we are all doing our own market research before we go out and buy something. Even when we Digital Marketing Agencies in Nottingham were looking for local stores, we are looking for them online to get more information. That’s why you need a website.

The website is the face of your brand, and it is important to have as much information as possible about your brand on your website.

When it comes to growing your brand, eCommerce sites are a great way to reach more people, attract new customers and increase your profits.

The truth is whatever you’re selling, if you want to be successful, you need to sell online and in-store. People do not just #shoplocal again. And you need an eCommerce site.

I have compiled this list to share with you the popular eCommerce solutions and alternative platforms out there.

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I’ll start with 3 popular eCommerce platform:

Shopify is one of the most popular platform because it is very easy to use and has many options for personalization. It is perfect for small business owners really.


It does not require any coding knowledge is a huge plus for most people who just want to be in eCommerce viewed without having to pay for a developer or know how to code.
Shopify has its own integrated payment solution, which means you can start accepting credit card payments instantly. You will see that other platforms will usually mean additional costs if the platform does not have an integrated payment system itself.
Shopify will handle customer service live chat with them.
They have their own Shopify POS that you can use for your offline sales as well.

Shopify use their own code and makes it harder to adjust your Shopify site theme, unless you know how to code in this format or work with someone who knows.
Shopify is not SEO-friendly solutions out there, it relies on a separate application to meet the needs of advanced SEO. See the application is available here.
With cheaper plans, you get access to a very limited report, and advanced plans that are not exactly cheap.
You can get your hands on a lot of useful add-ons / plug-ins, but many of them are not free.

Shopify is not the cheapest option available, but there is a free 14-day trial if you want to go ahead and see what you can create with it and if it’s worth it. Plans start at $ 9 / month. You might make more money per month than the monthly fee with Shopify store.
Shopify eCommerce to see it in action, check out the web site Gymshark, they have built their websites using Shopify Scripts.

WooCommerce definitely one of the most popular out there. 11% of the top 10,000 sites using WooCommerce eCommerce as a platform for their online store. The fact that it is free and is built on WordPress clearly plays a large role in this statistic.


WordPress is used by many companies and for WooCommerce built on WordPress, you get access to a wide range of plug-ins that make it easier for you to adjust your eCommerce store.
It is quite safe, it is regularly updated to remove bugs and problems.
You can create a unique look for your online store with an existing theme WooCommerce and make changes to these themes correspond to your needs.

WooCommerce not like Shopify: Setting up an eCommerce website requires more technical knowledge and you will not get the support of customers like you get with Shopify.
It might be beneficial for many small-scale businesses but can be a little frustrating for large businesses.

Free! But you still have to pay for hosting WooCommerce and because there is no integrated payment options Digital Marketing Companies Nottingham in place, you have to pay and use a 3rd party gateway.
To see an example: Check the site’s Adventure Parc Snowdonia.

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