Why your company must join three billion social media users

In a newly published report released by our social and Hoot suite, it has been revealed that 40% of the population is active social media users. The surprising number, which now Digital Marketing Agencies Southampton sits at 3,028 billion people around the world, does not show signs of decline as well. In fact, one million additional people signed up for an account across the social media platform every day!

Our findings are social reports and Hoot suite documenting the progress of internet users’ quarterly throughout the world. Stat shot Global: Digital on Q3 2017 provides insight into internet use, social media and cell phones and show information to their users.

Since April, findings have shown that a 4% increase in population, 121 million additional people, has created accounts and regularly access it. With this stable increase, our social and   predict that long enough, half of the world’s population will enter.

It seems that accessing the internet and seeing social media accounts from cell phones is also an increasing trend. At present, the number of internet users is around 3.819 billion people. From this demographic, 92% of these groups use their cell phones to use the internet. Since April, there is even an increase of 92 million people who have used cell phones, with 82 million from this using it for social media needs.

Facebook Frontrunner has the largest monthly average number of users, with more than two billion people who check the site but, besides this, 59% of users they see it every day. However, the findings of this report also showed that most of these populations, 87% of people, saw platforms through their cell phones.

So, how to  social media into your marketing strategy helping you with your SEO? Creating presence on social media will greatly benefit your company. By establishing a platform that can be seen by your customers and your clients regularly and involved with will contribute to customers who build trust for your brand. This is the formation of trust that can help your company grow, and expand its client base. In addition, the formation of brand identity will distinguish your brand from competitors and will place your company into the position of authority.

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With increasing social media users reach 40% of the world population, creating a social presence for your company will eventually help increase your involvement with the content as well. If you succeed in making a stable follower on several social media platforms, you can hope to see a higher level of engagement with your content, which must improve your audience and traffic to your website.

Another way in which this can improve your audience by appearing higher in organic search results. Every day, Google processes more than 3.5 billion searches, so by Digital Marketing Companies Southampton a platform across social media networks, you increase your chances of performing higher in search results. The more views received by your account, the higher they will move. This will encourage more traffic to this page and increase your reach.

The findings of research conducted by our social and Hoot suite only show signs of increasing the use of social media, so why not consider improving your own social media strategy? If the idea sounds scary, don’t hesitate to contact knowing how we can help!