With the sharp rise of remote working (50% of the entire UK workforce is expected to work remotely in Digital Marketing Company Sheffield some capacity in 2020), many people who get the task done at home that day. According to The 2019 State Remote Buffer Report, although it has the freedom to work from anywhere, the majority of remote workers (84%) still prefer to get something done from home.

With this in mind, it is important to consider the challenge of getting the task done from the comfort of your own home – and the implications of each of these may be in the rest of your home life. One of the main benefits of remote working should achieve work-life balance better and another one is that it increases productivity.

This is all great, in theory, but reality shows us that achieving these benefits do not come automatically. The same report also lists most of Buffer common struggle remote workers say they face.

It was reported that the most common problem cited is struggling to retract after work and I can say this is something that I definitely had a problem with. However, I can say this is directly linked to productivity when tasks take longer and then began to eat into my personal time.

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Communication and collaboration is a clear barrier when you are working in a different location for your coworkers, but this is one area where we have a lot of applications that we have. More challenging is the problem of interference in the home and this is something else I have to be really disciplined with.

I can also understand the motivation becomes a problem when you remove all soft impulse having a boss, teammates and the sense of being in the workplace.

This is a challenge we are addressing in this article and all the applications that we are looking at today will help you overcome this.

Top 10 applications for remote work at home

We have previously seen the best productivity tool for team applications for distributed teams worldwide and automation tool for small businesses. However, the focus of this article is individual remote workers who call their home offices. You work from home (or you want to work from home) and you need to maximize your productivity so you can achieve work-life balance everyone keeps telling you about.

Therefore, many of the tools I recommend here is for free and paid all come with a free version or offer reasonably-priced selection. I’m not here to recommend expensive class business tools that your company must pay. There are tools that can be used to improve your workflow itself, impress your boss and work remotely turn it into a step that really change lives.

Here is a brief summary of the tools we will look in more detail:

Serene: A tool that cuts out interference, helps you stay focused and complete tasks more quickly.

Slack: communication team, the way it should be for remote workers.

Zoom: Video and voice calls for group and one-to-one.

Toggl: Keep track of how long it actually takes you to complete the task.

Google Drive: document creation, cloud storage, file sharing and collaboration.

Calendar: Manage all of your calendars and events in one place, organize meetings without dozens of emails.

Spark: A smart email client inbox that stops you getting in the way of productivity and turn it into an asset.

Chrome Remote Desktop Access your computer safe from the device and screen sharing with teammates for stronger collaboration.

Save time on repetitive tasks Digital Marketing Agencies Sheffield and switch between applications by automating processes (eg: automatically save Gmail attachments to Google Drive).

Daywise: Schedule notice to stop work interfere with your leisure time.

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