Real local Links to Your Site = Stronger Local Search Rankings, Traffic & Sales.
real links pointing to your site from Digital Marketing Agencies Newcastle a search engine web page help others understand your business connections right in the real world. When the search engines can understand how popular and admirable business, they will reward your site with local organic rank higher and which can be turned into a pile of new customer inquiries and sales for your bottom line.

The problem, the real candidate for backlinks, high quality to your site from a local connection can be a bit of a tour of painful delays. Often, the main source of delay is actually compiling a list of potential sources for quality backlinks.

Local link building this questionnaire will help you get the ball rolling within 25 minutes.

Please set a stopwatch for 15 minutes and answer as many questions as best as possible. No probs if you can not / do not want to answer a few. GO!

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  1. Please list all the products of your supplier / wholesaler
  2. Please list all the business you refer business to and receive direction from
  3. Please list all the business you can think of which is owned by friends or family
  4. Name any other business you have / get involved with that has a website
  5. Do you or your employees are involved with a charity or community cause? Is there a cause or program that you care and will consider getting involved in?
    (Think local sponsorship opportunities)
  6. Do you or your child is involved with a group of local sports or recreation organization?
  7. Have you ever written a testimonial for another business, product or service? Please provide details.
  8. The school / university you attend?
  9. Please list all the associations, organizations, groups, etc. You realize that is relevant to your industry. This can include anything from a professional association for local networking groups.
  10. Which of these associations / organizations / groups you’re involved with?
  11. Please list all awards, licenses, certifications, competitions etc. You have acquired a business or even applied for. Also a list of all the relevant awards, events etc. You realize in your industry.
  12. Have you ever been interviewed in any way, shape or form?
  13. What is the most websites, blogs, forums, magazines, or publications popular newsletters relevant to your industry? Mention all print / online resources that you can think of.
  14. Would you be open to offer a small discount for certain groups of people? for example. Age?
  15. Have you ever contributed to a sort of discovery / resource / product that is relevant to your industry or local area?
  16. Job opportunities – Do you use, or you previously used, the site posts a job or something similar? How regularly do you employ?
  17. Have you ever held an event at your business location or a local function center? If not, are you willing to consider hosting a local event in the future?
  18. Are you running any joint ventures with other businesses? for example. discount for customers cooperative with each other, the bundle offers etc.
  19. Who are your main local competitors? List as many as possible. (We will examine their web site domain for link opportunities)
  20. Please list any specific industry advertising organizations, or websites. Think about who you have been approached by recently to advertise on their site.
  21. Have you ever used the site promotional offers every day to market your business? for example. Groupon, Scoopon, OurDeal etc.
  22. Are you involved with a local Digital Marketing Agencies in Newcastle school, university or training organization.

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