Pushing the Boundaries hardback Book Kurts coverin my line of work, there is only Digital Marketing Company Stafford one thing I enjoy more than helping businesses succeed online – Helping people I love success. Over the years, I have had the opportunity to help some friends close to marketing their business online and I get a big kick out of it. Able to apply your professional skills in a way that helps people you care about most – who make daily starting 4:00 learn the latest Google algorithm changes and the latest digital marketing strategies are all worthy.

So naturally, when my close friend Kurt told me earlier this year that he launched his autobiography, my mind starts ticking over with ideas on how I can help spread the incredible life story to as many people as possible. Plus, I think I still owe him for 3 months free accommodation couch he gave me when I first moved to Newcastle after uni! I find that there is an opportunity for us to help more people discover “Pushing the Limits” online, through Google and some of the popular social media networks. So, we launched a pre-order today and I would love for you to check out the link at the bottom of this post to learn more about the book. (What a fantastic Christmas gift! Hint, hint!)

If you are not familiar with the story of Kurt Fearnley, the following is a brief overview:
A three-time Paralympic gold medalist, Kurt has won the wheelchair marathon around the world, including the prestigious New York, London and Chicago marathons on various occasions. From a wheelchair, he has also achieved some crazy things – after crawling the Kokoda track (yep – fours) and sailed on the winner of the Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race crew.

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When you click the link below to check out his new book, “Pushing the Limits”, you’ll see some pretty remarkable testimonials of high profile Australian as David Koch, Steve Waugh and Layne Beachley. My favorite quote about Kurt though is of a media personality Andrew Denton – “Kurt Fearnley gives life a good name”. That statement is quite large and I think it pretty much sums up the character of Kurt. As he has read the book, I can confirm that reads definitely lives up to their high expectations. It’s a remarkable story about child Aussie bush that grows into a world beater, despite the challenges of being born without the lower part Digital Marketing Agency Stafford of the spine.

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