In mid-December, Google launched an update to their ranking algorithms for search with “local” intend . Updates attract the attention of all the major SEO blogs and journalists, because it seems to have caused a significant shocks in the Australian search Digital Marketing Company in Southampton engine results pages for local search queries.

By the way, I’m sorry for the lame pigeon image at the top of this post – I was in a hurry and too lazy to find a better ?

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Back to it: the local search algorithm update has been named “Pigeon” by Search Engine Land. They did a great job of explaining what the update and why it has been nicknamed “Pigeon” here, so I would encourage you to go and read the article, and also this one. The purpose of my post was to predict the influence of this algorithm update will have on businesses in particular Australia and hopefully offer some tips to help you make the change.

As with any Google algorithm update, there is always a winner and a loser, so hopefully you and your clients be the last. I should add that the “Pigeon” does not seem to be focused on fighting spam algorithms, so long as you have to do things by the book, you will hopefully come out unscathed.

Note: I have to say first that for Digital Marketing Agencies Southampton many vertical, make up of the local SERPs will remain relatively unchanged. However, I thought I’d offer my take on how local companies can make the most of the changes that will come.

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