Chiropractic Plus logoIn August 2013, Newcastle respected chiropractic Chiropractic & Massage Clinic Plus celebrating their 19th year. Although the 19th anniversary is usually not seen as an important milestone, they want to make some strong customer Digital Marketing Agencies Nottingham engagement online in their local markets. We know that the 19th anniversary of the online competition will be useful ‘trial and error’ project for the celebration of the 20th anniversary to be stronger in 2014.

I think it would be useful to share some of the cost-effective strategies behind this competition and how we managed to produce some great local involvement online for Chiropractic Plus. After you read this article, I would love to hear if it has been useful to you in your business.

This competition involves online (and offline) of local promotions survey, which included nine simple questions to which there Chiropractic Plus the patient as well as potential future clients (and anyone else for that matter) to answer. All survey respondents have a chance to win one of two prizes are pretty sweet – Either the Digital Marketing Company in Nottingham new iPad, or Free Massage in Chiropractic Plus for the rest of 2013. Not bad for filling out a survey 1 minute.

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Chiropractic Plus Managing Director Simon Atkin constantly looking for ways to improve an already brilliant experience Chiropractic Plus to its customers. When we came up with the idea of ​​an online survey, he was interested to learn what patients Newcastle (and potential future patients) appreciated the most in chiropractic or massage therapy experience. He is also interested in receiving constructive feedback on his individual grows massage therapists and chiropractors.

Of course, two of our main goals for this campaign is to encourage local brand awareness and increase the number of new patients. Here is how we go about achieving these objectives:

  1. Email marketing
    We realize that Chiropractic Plus has built a large number of email contacts over the years, especially through new forms of their patients (offline). We use MailChimp and send three separate email campaigns to drive customer engagement, website traffic and competition survey responses.
  • Let people know about the competition and offer them a chance to win
  • A follow up email late August to remind those who do not sign that there are still 3 days to get
  • An e-mail to announce the lucky winner – This includes video Simon drew the winner’s name out of a hat, thanked everyone for admission and also infographic summarizing the results of the survey


COST: About $ 120 for three campaigns. (MailChimp fee depends on the size of your email list.)

Question: How many subscribers email addresses you have sitting on your office computer or even in paper files?

  1. Web Site Call to Action
    In an average month, Chiropractic Plus attracted about 1,200 visitors to their site from a variety of sources including search engine advertising, Google organic listings, online Yellow Pages, and more referral traffic. For all of August, we use several calls for bold measures to attract visitors to the site to enter the birthday promotion.

Question: When a potential customer visits your website, you want them to take action on something. Whether it’s calling your sales team, send email questions, or buy something online – Does your website have a clear, easy to find the call to action?

  1. Facebook Advertising
    I like posting a Facebook product promoted to gain more exposure among fans and their friends. We found this to be a method of advertising is very cost-effective. Overall as a fan page increased significantly and many Digital Marketing Company in Sheffield of the respondents to our survey came directly from Facebook ads we ran.

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