The average person spends almost 9 hours per day on digital devices [1] so it is important for small businesses to not only understand digital marketing, but to embrace and build effective strategies to connect with potential customers. However, with so many areas of digital marketing to focus on (everything from websites Digital Marketing Agencies Bath and e-newsletters to social media, text messaging, blogs, games and more), it can be difficult for small businesses to know where to start. We see four key steps to get you started, which will allow you to build a strong foundation for your digital marketing efforts.

Providing a great website

A great website is the cornerstone of a successful digital marketing activities such where you’ll take your customers after they click on your ad, go to your blog or go to get a free game. So if your website is poor, you are heading for a digital marketing fail. Make sure your website is the best it can to ensure it is well designed, the phone is responsive, easy to navigate, and is regularly updated with content relevant to your audience. Make sure your site is SEO optimized to ensure good rankings in the search results. For health-check free website click here.

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Social media marketing

Social media is a fantastic digital tool and provides an opportunity to interact on a more personal level with potential customers. Facebook, Instagram and Messenger is one of the top five most popular apps and Facebook is the third most visited in the world, after YouTube and Google [2]; Social media is too big markets shrugged.

Social media profiles active on this platform can make a business appear more professional and trustworthy [3]. The key is to communicate regularly with useful information targeted at people who match your target audience.

video content is a must, because this type of content is more than 40 times more likely to be shared on social media than other types [4]. Create a short video, (60-90 seconds), that are relevant to your audience and upload directly to the individual platform.

email Marketing

Build your email marketing list can be one of your greatest assets. The company uses email marketing as a way of communicating with their audiences to promote your blog content, discounts and events, as well as direct people to the business website. Visitors do not like to give their information without a reason, so good tactics to build your list is to provide an incentive for them to sign up, through giving them access to specific resources, tools or training, but if you want to build a relationship makes it clear that you are interested in them, and not just want to sell their information. You should also be careful to comply with legislation on the capture and storage of personal information.

Pay per click

Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising can be a great way to get your business noticed online. When your target market using search engines to find what they need, Google (or any search engine of their choice) will give them a list of options. Some of the results of ‘organic’ or ‘natural, based on what Google believes customers are looking for. Others will be ‘paid-for’ results, in which sites have to pay for a high ranking for a particular keyword.

Paid-for results displayed slightly different and more prominent, usually at the top of the results page. Once a customer clicks on your ad, Google will bring them to the page you connected and costs for referrals that – which is Pay Per Click. Planned activities of PPC can be a way of truly effective and smart for the business market – especially Digital Marketing Company in Bath to attract through customers who are already looking for what you offer.

Building the foundation

digital marketing marketing is no different to any other in that there is no exact formula for success.

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